Vending Machines in Schools

Vending Machines Vs.. Government All across the country there is a battle fought between the people and the government. There are many branches of this battle that have to do with the public school systems. I am going to talk about the battle between schools taking away vending machines from students in public schools. The facts prove this is a ridiculous thing for the government to do. According to school administrators the past couple years, students are eating less food because of the government limiting them to certain foods.

The government should not have the power to take away vending machines at schools; if they did this it would hurt the schools as well as leaving students hungry. First, it should not be up to the schools to decide what a student eats. People continue to say kids are to young to be able to decide on what the right decision is to make. That doesn’t give the government the right to go against the Bill of Rights. According to the first amendment, we, as Americans, have the right to freedom of speech, religion, press and freedom from governmental intrusion.

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This meaner the government doesn’t have the right to take away the foods people like to eat. I don’t see anywhere in the Bill of Rights that includes a statement saying since these kids are to young, we can do away with the law. Every action comes with consequences, like everything else in this world. If a student is out of control and eating only UN- healthy foods then he or she will have to pay the consequences. Just because the student is beginning to become overweight shouldn’t give the government the right to take away the reason that student became overweight.

The government didn’t shove candy down the kid’s throat; it was the student’s decision to eat UN-healthy. Taking vending machines out of schools is only telling students they are to young to live by the laws of the Constitution. That is a very selfish move by the government. Next, students need to learn self-control as early as possible. If school’s take away the ability for a student to choose between their eating habits, then how will they ever survive in the real world where there is no one looking after them.

When kids are at a unsung age they have people such as parent’s, coaches and teachers who can help guide them on their eating habits. When a student gets out of school and living on their own, they have no one there to help them out. They have to make their own decisions and pay for the consequences, good or bad. I hear all the time how if parent’s start their kids eating healthy when their young then they will continue to make those good choices throughout their life. Personal experience in my life lead me to strongly disagree.

My mom is a nutritionist, and I was fed only healthy meals throughout my entire childhood. As soon as I was able to go out with friends and eat what I want, I became out of control with my eating habits. Every chance I got I would choose the UN-healthy option because I was so sick of eating only healthy food. I eventually adapted myself into learning the responsibility of self-control. Also, I not only learned self-control with Just food, but it helped me learn self-control in many decisions brought up in life. If I didn’t learn this skill at an early age then there is no telling how I would act.

I may not go to class, I may not choose the best foods to eat, Ana worst AT all, I may go out, make a mud seclusion, Ana get arrested, or Keller choice between foods seems like such a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference on any decision you have to make in life. I consider myself lucky to have learned this skill, because it would have never happened if I didn’t have the option on choosing the healthy snack versus the alternative UN-healthy snack. I want everyone to be able to have that same decision. It will make Americans better people as a whole. Next, schools would not be making as much money by taking out vending machines.

Schools make a huge profit from vending machines, which make a huge difference in the schools revenue. If schools make more money from students buying snacks from these vending machines then that meaner more money to go to things like sports, filmstrips, new computers and better classrooms. Parent’s of students who agree to take vending machines out for their child’s well-being are proposing the idea of there are so many other ways to make money. The only problem with that solution is all Hess parent’s saying this are quick to come up with a solution, but are very lazy about actually lifting a finger to make those ideas happen.

Schools cannot depend on the “parent’s association” to get something done. It makes so much more sense to stick to what they know will make them money. These schools are not taking this money and putting it in their pocket; they are putting this money to things that will make the school a better learning environment for the students. It would make absolutely zero sense to take away a source of revenue that makes thousands of Lars a year. The only people opposing this are ignorant parent’s who are Just looking for someone or something to blame for why their child is obese.

Last, there are many different safety issues involved in taking away vending machines from schools. It ranges from kids not getting enough to eat in one sitting to trying to get food off campus and risk getting in an accident. The government is making a big deal about only serving healthy meals, but they are hurting these kids more than helping them. For example, if a student has a two-hour football practice after school and the only thing for lunch is a seven hundred calorie meal with very little protein, then that student will be in serious trouble by the time practice rolls around.

Eating only seven calories before a practice could potentially cause serious health problems such as overheating and exhaustion. Another example would be a student with diabetes or some other health problem similar. They may need a candy bar throughout the day if their blood sugar is low but there would be no vending machines for the kid to go to. The opposing side may bring up the issue of if the student knows they have health robbers then they need to bring their snacks to school from home.

This is a very reasonable solution except when an emergency situation pops up. The student could be running late to school and Just forget to grab his snack. A simple mistake like forgetting your snack could potentially be a life threatening issue, all because the government feels the need to take away vending machines. Since the school is only offering healthy foods then students will be more tempted to get food off campus. If a bunch of kids are going off campus to get food it could lead to car accidents. Taking way a right from students is unacceptable.

Students are being affected all over the country because the government is exhibiting its power by reducing the food in schools. In 2010 the Obama Administration passed the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” to help kids get all the food they need. The problem with this is it actually did the opposite; students are spelling more AT tenet time downtown away tenet lunches rather than eating them. With that said, all these kids are becoming hungrier instead of what the Obama Administration thought would happen, to fill kids stomachs up.

Since students are not eating their food they are less likely to pay attention in class or be fully healthy while playing sports. Sometime you need to stop and ask yourself, what is the country coming to? We are taking away students right to choose what they want to eat while in school. It’s making students uncertain of what the government is trying to do. The saying is, “America is the best place to live”, but not if the government is restricting us from our basic right to the 1st Amendment. It’s time for a change, before the government causes our entire nation to collapse.

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