Machines in the Future

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It is inevitable that machines will play a significant role in the future, whether we like it or not. They already have a major presence in our lives, making their role almost unavoidable. In the past two decades, there has been a surge in computer usage with nearly every household owning one. Even young children are being taught to use computers from an early age and they are widely used in office settings as well. Machines now perform tasks that were once done by humans. With technology advancing rapidly, jobs are being replaced by automation and there is an increasing demand for individuals skilled in computers and technology. In many industries, knowledge of technology is either necessary or provides substantial assistance. As technology continues to evolve, our lives also undergo subtle changes, and this trend will persist into the foreseeable future.

Technology has both improved and worsened our lives. It has significantly simplified tasks, such as hay baling, which can now be done using machines. This not only enhances efficiency, but also produces better results. Tedious jobs have been reduced or eliminated altogether. However, technology has also encouraged laziness by replacing physical effort with automated processes. For instance, instead of walking to the store, many prefer to drive. Even simple tasks that could easily be done by hand are now performed mechanically. The preference for machine assistance over exerting extra energy reflects our growing lethargy, resulting in a decline in overall human health. Consequently, obesity rates have risen despite advancements in the medical field and the development of cures for various diseases. Furthermore, our lack of understanding regarding certain technologies poses significant dangers. Consequently, technology has yielded both positive and negative outcomes.

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Having worked with computers for ten years, I have developed a strong fondness for them. The advancements in computer technology are truly captivating to me. Although I missed witnessing their inception due to my young age, I genuinely wish I could have observed their growth. The future holds numerous intriguing possibilities as well as potential disastrous outcomes.

The progression of artificial intelligence raises concerns about the creation of sentient robots that may surpass humans and pose a threat to our existence. These robots might perceive us as inferior and seize control. Furthermore, humans themselves possess the capability to cause destruction.

Technology greatly facilitates warfare, which could result in more casualties and devastation if a third world war were to occur. It is alarming to consider that with just one button press, the entire world could be annihilated! Such thoughts are truly terrifying.

The destiny of our planet lies in someone’s hands. Technology both enlightens and terrifies us. Predicting its exact path is difficult; however, it will undoubtedly shape our future.


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