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Francis Ford Coppola s Gardens of Stone provides three different positions on the Vietnam War. There were immature work forces such as the character Jackie Willow who believed that it was their responsibility to function their state. This soldier wanted to function on the forepart lines because he believed that a soldier in the right topographic point at the right clip could do a difference. Other characters in the movie, Sgt. Clell Hazard and Sgt. Major Goody Nelson, argued a different place. Although they did non look to mind contending for their state, these work forces saw the Vietnam War as political and unneeded. Clell said that cipher hates this war more than those who have to contend it. Journalist Samantha Davis played by Angelica Huston represents the bulk of American citizens in the 1960 s and 70 s who opposed the war in every sense. Public sentiment in the U.S. seemed to be that the war was a complete loss. I have to hold.

Vietnam was ne’er our war in the first topographic point. France wanted to keep control of Vietnam as a settlement but was surrounded by Vietnamese Nationalist military personnels which led to the Geneva Peace Accords. The U.S. believed that this really granted excessively much power to the Communist Party of Vietnam. Afraid of a Communist Domino consequence, the U.S. supported the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization of which a separate democracy was formed in South Vietnam under the leading of Ngo Dingh Diem. Supplying the aid of military, political and economic assistance, the U.S. was now really much involved in this civil struggle. Diem began incarcerating anyone who he believed supported Communist ideals. Soon, The Party began utilizing force to seek to turn over Diem s corrupt regulation. Resistance in the South led to the forming of the National Liberation Front or the Viet Cong. Vietnam was now in an all out civil war. This was no concern of the U.S. authorities.

In 1961, President Kennedy s advisers were split on whether or non the U.S. should increase their assistance to Diem bid or merely withdraw wholly. Alternatively, Kennedy decided to happen in-between land by helping the South Vietnamese with more machines and more advisers but would non perpetrate to providing U.S. military personnels. Back place in the U.S. and across the universe, there was great discern when Diem s Catholic Moral Laws resulted in the protesting and self-mutilation by Buddhist monastics on the streets of Saigon. Diem was shortly captured and assassinated but three hebdomads subsequently, President Kennedy was besides assassinated. This led to the assignment of President Lyndon B. Johnson. The president gained war powers from Congress one time two American ships were fired upon in the Gulf of Tonkin. In March of 1965, Johson sent over combat military personnels to Vietnam. The Party believed that it could crush Ts

he U.S. in a military war due to conditions favourable to the Vietnamese. The U.S. seemed to hold no clearly defined aims in Vietnam. The Party besides knew that the big bulk of Vietnamese people supported the Party. The U.S. seemed to be as confused about their aims in Vietnam as they did about their combat power. Willow stated in the movie that the U.S. could win the war with fire power. He said that U.S. choppers showed marks that antediluvian bows and pointers were being used by the Vietnamese. Clell told him that this was na ve in that Vietnamese husbandmans could last one-hundred yearss on no nutrient or H2O. This was hard terrain in a jungle that U.S. military personnels were unfamiliar with. The war was a lost cause in footings of the United States physical obstructions in Vietnam terrain. The lone manner the U.S. could better their opportunities were to up their putting to death power.

Back place in the U.S. , the figure of immature work forces volunteering for the ground forces was diminishing so a national bill of exchange was instituted. Two hundred of these military personnels were sent into the unarmed small town of My Lai and five 100 villagers were massacred. Our state did non cognize who it was contending and who it was protecting. With the political success of the Party in the Tet Offensive and the public sentiment against the My Lai Massacre, Johnson announced that he would non seek re-election when it became progressively evident that the bulk of U.S. citizens already felt that we were losing the war.

Republican Richard Nixon was elected and instituted his Vietnamization policy. U.S. military personnels were being withdrawn while the air war is increased. At place, nevertheless, calls against the war by university pupils was going intense and truly so. Riots and protest were ensuing in force when they were controlled by National Guardsmen. Ironically, immature work forces and adult females were deceasing on the front lines overseas but many began losing their lives right here in their ain state as they fought for peace.

The Paris Peace Accounts in 1973 ended U.S. engagement in Vietnam. Soon after, in 1975, the war was ended as Communist forces captured the presidential castle in Saigon. The Vietnam War has ne’er been forgotten in our state, nevertheless. It greatly impacted several coevalss of U.S. citizens. Officially, the war spanned across three decennaries. However, many households still carry the memories of lost loved 1s and the rough worlds of the painful incubuss suffered by 1000s of Vietnam military personnels. In all, over 150,000 military personnels were injured and about 60,000 American lives were lost. This war was ne’er ours to contend in the first topographic point. This was a civil war which should hold been settled within its ain boundary lines and without the assistance of outside military personnels. This was non our war to contend.

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