Violent Behavior In Society Research Paper Essay

Violent Behavior In Society Essay, Research Paper

Violent Behavior in Society

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Violent Behavior In Society Research Paper
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It gained through violent behaviour is merely impermanent and it lasts until the

clip of retaliation comes about.

Violence was glorified 100s of old ages ago. Back so it was a signifier of a

pure amusement. We know how among ancient Romans, gladiators ( normally slaves

or prisoners trained for the intent ) , fought with blades or other arms at

public & # 8220 ; shows & # 8221 ; . The more harm the gladiators inflicted the bigger hero he was,

and the more regard he gained.

All the offenses they committed were condoned,

recognized and canonized.

Today it seems like alternatively of gladiators we have drawerss. Is packaging merely a

athletics, or another manner of violent behaviour, that is non merely accepted by society

but besides in many ways glorified? Do we laud packaging ( most of the clip bloody

shows ) because it is entertaining, or possibly because it is a multi-milion dollar

concern? The scenery of pugilism is broken castanetss, black and bluish faces,

blood & # 8230 ; The more terrible the battle the more exited and happy the audience seems

to be. Violence merely stimulates people. Large glorification comes when one passes out!

YES & # 8230 ; here is the hero! What is the message here? It is, we will wish you

more since you are physically stronger, and we will esteem you because we are

afraid of you. That is once more, a incorrect message.

Violence is glorified the most throught media, violent films, Television shows and

newspaper sensationalism.


Violent films are born one after another: & # 8220 ; Die Hard & # 8221 ; , & # 8221 ; The God Father & # 8221 ; ,

& # 8220 ; Natural Born Killers & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; The Proffesinal & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; Pulp Fiction & # 8221 ; , & # 8221 ; Terminator 2 & # 8243 ; ,

etc.When these sorts of films come out, there are lines for tickets. In some

states people have to remain in lines to purchase nutrient. Violence can non be the manner

to last in this society! Peoples are non merely glorifing force by watching

violent films, but they are besides accepting it inquiring manufacturers for more of

them. Incorrect messages are send non merely through film theater screens, but besides

through music. We as society accept all harsh, and barbarous words used in vocals.

Our chidren & # 8217 ; s ispirations come from groups like

Method Man, and vocals like:

& # 8220 ; Bring the hurting & # 8221 ; . The message is once more really clear and incorrect!

There are many shows on Television that glorifiy violent behaviour, for case

& # 8220 ; & # 173 ; Cops On Locations & # 8221 ; . WE can watch constabulary officers in existent life action. Those

who supposely protect citizens slam wrongdoers against the walls, beat them up,

abuse them physically ( and emotionaly in many instances ) .There is deffenetly

something incorrect with that image. Althought we see it on Television, cipher says

anything about it. Most of the clip we accept it because it is constabulary ; some

& # 8220 ; higher power & # 8221 ; . There is no logic here! Police ; representatives of the jurisprudence ; are

alowed to comite offense & # 8230 ; ? Society merely gives them a license to make it by

accepting it. WE HAVE TO inquire for justness or otherwise we will make another

incorrect message.

Finally, we have & # 8220 ; everyday & # 8221 ; force. We see it on the streets: roberies,

shots, battles, etc. Most of the clip when it happens people do non respond!

Crime against another human being HAS to convey some reaction! & # 8230 ; Today it could

be merely a alien, acquiring shooting on that coach, but tomorrow it could be your

brother! So do non go through by or conceal! When you hear your neighboors childs

shouting for aid ; assist them! Do non merely travel to kip, make non direct another

incorrect message!

No affair manner force occurs in society it can non be condoned, accepted

nor canonized. It appears that violent persons are looking for: some signifier

of power, subordination from others, obeisance. Violent people want others to

fright and esteem them. Power and regard should non come from fright.

The human race has accomplished so much in the class of it & # 8217 ; s history.

Today & # 8217 ; s society can non destroy it all. The best manner is to get down with our kids.

We know what happens after childs watch & # 8220 ; X-MEN & # 8221 ; , or & # 8220 ; Power Rangers & # 8221 ; , etc. , they

respond really quicly. Following thing we see is that they try in school or in

resort area what they saw on Television. Society needs to take our hereafter in its ain

custodies. We have to learn our kids right from incorrect.

There is no manner to halt force if we will excuse it, accepted it, and

laud it in ANY CONTEXT. That is how force additions, by allowing it



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