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Virginity Research Paper VirginityIn biological terms

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Virginity Essay, Research Paper

? Virginity?

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Virginity Research Paper VirginityIn biological terms
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In biological footings work forces truly wear? Ts have a physical manner to demo or specify their virginity, but in adult females the presence of a Hymen is the clear index of virginity. However, there are some adult females who are born without a Hymen, and there are others who are born with a thin Hymens that can tear through a assortment of activities wholly unrelated to arouse, such as infixing a tampon. If these adult females don? Ts have Hymens can they still be considered virgins?

Webster? s dictionary defines virginity as, ? a individual who has ne’er had sexual intercourse.

? ( Webster? s Dictionary, Nichols Publishing Group, 1999. pg. 747 ) Older coevalss, such as my grandparents, define virginity as person that has ne’er been kissed or touched in any manner, form, or organize sexually. However, in my sentiment, virginity is artlessness. Meaning person that has non volitionally participated in any sexual act ( s ) . Merely person who has ne’er been exposed to sexual contacts or Acts of the Apostless should be considered a virgin.

Anal and unwritten sex, in my sentiment, are methods of losing your virginity.

For illustration, I know a miss who swears that she is still a virgin, but every cat that knows her knows that she freely gives unwritten sex. In Webster? s context she could still be considered a virgin, because she has non engaged in sexual intercourse. However, in my context she is non considered a virgin, because she has engaged in sexual Acts of the Apostless.

Yet, there is another factor of virginity that must be dealt with. If a adult female or a adult male has been raped or molested, she or he did non volitionally prosecute in intercourse. I strongly feel that these people should be considered virgins until they feel they can give their virginity ( artlessness ) to person.

Something else to see is homosexualism. For case if two adult females have sex, can they still categorize themselves as virgins since they didn? Ts have intercourse. Under Webster? s and biological definitions they can still be considered virgins due to n

ot really holding intercourse and no hymen breakage. Under my definition of virginity they can? t, due to partaking in sexual Acts of the Apostless.

Another tabu topic

Masturbation, a word that sends any teenage male child? s female parent running for the cupboard. If person masturbates are they giving up their virginity? If we went by the biological definition of virginity, male childs could still be considered virgins, while if misss broke their ain Hymens they would non. In my sentiment, I feel that this falls in a grey country, such as human nature. It is merely human nature to desire to experience good, one time we find out that sexual stimulation feels good, we desire sexual stimulation.

Virginity as a load

Another factor about virginity to see is virginity as a load. To most adolescent male childs, virginity is a load that must be left behind and disregarded every bit shortly as you walk through the cabinet room doors, due to peer force per unit area. For adolescent misss, in the eyes of older coevals, it is a virtuousness that she must hang on to for beloved life, sooner until the honeymoon. I feel that our definition of virginity deeply impacts the manner how we lose our virginity today.

Under Webster? s definition, I feel that around 40 per centum of the population would still be considered virgins. Under my grandparents? definition of virginity, about two per centum would be considered a virgin. These societal thoughts have been installed throughout the coevals? peculiarly the one regarding females.

Overall, I merely experience that today virginity has taken on different definitions, contexts, and significances, than as to state forty old ages ago. I think today people aren? T as sodium? ve and ignorant of sexual affairs, but I feel that people are working the term virginity, to suit their ain life style.

Peoples are tippytoing around the term by making everything else but intercourse, trusting and expecting that this will still maintain them guiltless. Artlessness is lost one time your sexual desire with another individual takes on a physical signifier.

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