Tenet Healthcare – Vision, Mission and Values

To survive in the ever-changing healthcare industry, healthcare organizations must embark on developing strategic planning and marketing programs to ensure the success of its organizations. The Affordable Care Act raised the quality of care for all Americans by reforming the health care system, making health care professionals and insurance companies accountable for upholding quality through measurable patient outcomes.

Many healthcare organizations have adopted patient-centered focus and quality care as the driving impetus steering, molding and shaping firstly, healthcare strategy and secondarily, the vision, mission and values of the healthcare organization parallel to it aligning itself with the mandates of the Affordable Care Act out of necessity. Considering that healthcare was once a fee-for-service industry, with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, the primary focus of healthcare has shifted from the fee-for service modality to quality of care in direct correlation to services provided to patients as a determinant in reimbursement. To remain competitive in the healthcare industry, a clearly defined plan of action must be in place for healthcare organizations, both big and small, to navigate their course through an ever-changing industry. As the focus of the healthcare industry has shifted, additional solutions for providers have become crucial in the sustainability of individual healthcare organizations and Tenet Healthcare has managed to effectively create solutions that work within its network of options for its patients, physicians, employees and its partners.

Tenet Healthcare is based in Dallas, Texas and has a longstanding commitment to serving patients, employees, physicians and its partners. Tenet Healthcare operates 80 acute care facilities in 14 different states, has more than 600 physician practices from coast to coast, it offers 6 healthcare plans that provide affordable healthcare…

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