Fedex’s Vision Statement and Analysis

Mission. FedEx will produce superior financial returns for shareowners by providing high value-added supply chain, transportation, business & related information services through focused operating companies. Customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market segment served. FedEx will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees, partners & suppliers. Safety will be the first consideration in all operations. Corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical & professional standards.

Strategy. The unique FedEx operating strategy works seamlessly – & simultaneously – on three levels. Compete collectively by standing as one brand worldwide & speaking with one voice. Operate independently by focusing on our independent networks to meet distinct customer needs.

Manage collaboratively by working together to sustain loyal relationships with our workforce, customers & investors” (FedEx®, 1996-2010). ·FedEx’s mission statement is definitely “future-oriented”, thus like a vision statement, & contains accountability for performance measurement. ·Note the following key “quality” words: “focused”, “highest quality”, “mutually rewarding relationships”, safety “first”, “highest” ethics. FedEx commits to excellence. Note the direct relationship between “mission/vision” & strategy goals (SG) related to core value of “focus”:

  • Compete collectively = (SG) as “one brand”/”one voice”
  • “Focus independent networks” = (SG) to meet “distinct” customer needs
  • Collaboratively to “work together” = (SG) to sustain “loyal relationships”

Conclusion: Though initially very surprised to not find explicit FedEx vision statement, I feel confident their “mission statement” really incorporates FedEx’s vision. The word “focus” summarizes FedEx’s mission/vision. Note excellent relationship between “mission/vision” & “accountability for performance measurement” within strategy goals (SG).

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