Visual Art

ART STAGE 1- ART WORK ANALYSIS Description The piece of work is a painting - Visual Art introduction. “The Histrionic Wayfarer (after Bosch)”, is the title of the artwork which was painted by Tim Storrier and was exhibited in the Archibald Prize Exhibition in 2012. The media used was acrylic on canvas and the dimensions were 183X122 cm. The subject of the piece was himself. The image has a faceless man walking in a very spacious and deserted area. It has a worm’s eye view which makes the person appear quiet large, maybe to show more detail?

The man is carrying a giant back-pack containing art equipment, food utensils, a dog and much more. Analysis The art piece is representational, the lines are sharp and there are various and different shapes. The texture is smooth and there has been more than one colour that has been used in the painting. The tone shows that the sun is on him even though there is no sun shown in the portrait. Space and depth has been used as you can tell the objects are further away and the ones that are closer up and in detail.

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Interpretation On the Archibald Prize website it has a statement from the artist. It explains what the painting already shows, the other better understanding I gained was that the person has no face because people should know who it is by the clothing that the person is wearing. My feelings as I viewed this art work was interested at why there was dog in the backpack or why the person had no face, it left me confused and made me create different theories as to explain what he had painted and why.

I don’t see any message or don’t understand what type of message the artist is trying to send through this piece of art, it is very unclear. The expressive quality this piece of art work gives me is tiredness, as it makes me imagine lugging a heap of items in the desert. Also a sense of mystery as the person’s face is unknown. Symbolism has been used in the work as there is no face in the person which means something although a piece of paper is floating in the background with a person’s face which gives viewers something to question about.

Also the items on the backpack gives ideas to what the person is interested in for example. Judgement The artist has combined technique and style well to express the mood he was trying to convey but it takes a while to understand it and you would have to read the artist’s statement to really understand what message he was trying to send. I don’t like the style of the artwork as I rather see a beautiful piece of art of a person’s face instead of a dream-like, made up scene. Therefore I don’t think the personal style is effective.

The art work is very life like and a complex piece to figure out therefore I don’t find it interesting because like I said before, art works which are peaceful, simple but effective are ones that capture my eye and this piece of art is confusing and has a lot of things going on. I like the realism of the artwork, it always interests me on how someone can use media and turn it into something that looks so real, although you can half tell it has been painted. My opinion of the art work hasn’t changed since the first time I viewed it.

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