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Public Service Department in Malaysia


Words: 4419 (18 pages)

INTRODUCTION The various government agencies were established by the government plan, control, assist and implement agency will be able to perform its functions smoothly, the agencies concerned must be organised in a proper, systematic and effective manner. In addition, the government would appoint officers to hold public services posts at various levels. The administration of…

Baby Dumping in Malaysia ; Causes and Solutions


Words: 245 (1 page)

Malaysia is grappling with the rising cases of abandoned babies, “forcing” the Malaysian police to investigate baby-dumping cases under the Malaysian Penal Code for murder or attempt murder. The Malaysian public blame premarital sex on the over-exposure to sexually-liberal western culture, while the Malaysian government considers including sex education in school syllabus. Experts, on the…

Malaysia Has First Class Facilities but Malaysians Have Third Class Mentality.


Words: 641 (3 pages)

Malaysia’s persistent drive to develop and upgrade its infrastructure has resulted in one of the well-developed infrastructure among the newly industrializing countries of Asia. Today, Malaysia can boast of having world class facilities in terms of roads, airports, ports and even the Multimedia Super Corridor. For example, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Port of…

Lee Chong Wei- the Malaysian Hero


Words: 379 (2 pages)

Lee Chong Wei is one of the ‘Malaysian Hero’ who gained recognition from everyone around the world in the international badminton world stage. In his early years, Lee favoured basketball, however his mother soon forbade him from the game due to the searing heat of the outdoor basketball court. Lee began to learn badminton at…

The Ethnic Groups in Malaysia and Its Culture



Words: 1950 (8 pages)

By just looking at the title above, you know what I am going to talk about. Yes, you are right, the culture of our magnificent country. Our country is actually envied by many foreigners. Why? Well, one of the main reasons is because of how we Malaysians can live in harmony for many years, even…

Malaysian Derivative Contracts


Words: 726 (3 pages)

D Three crucial features in money market : C] Low default risk C] Short term to maturity 0 High marketability Mortgage Market C] Market that provides finance for real estate C] Real estate loan issued by various types of financial institutions banks Savings bank Other financial institution (Cascaras Bertha) Two type of mortgage securities Instrument:…

Brief Overview of Telecom Companies in Malaysia


Words: 6132 (25 pages)

Malaysia Telecom Brief The government engineered a dramatic consolidation of the telecom services market but simultaneously introduced an institutional framework for progressive policy reform. The creation of an independent policy and regulatory body, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), has brought a new dimension of transparency and public accountability to technology sector administration. Large,…

The Foreign Workers In Malaysia Economics



Words: 968 (4 pages)

Foreign workers are those who are in a foreign state, ab initio did non desire to work out and there is no advantage in the host state of citizenship. Some employees who were added to the limited look of the host state, or contract to supply accomplishments to the host state. Others straight to private…

Company Law in Malaysia – Separate Legal Entity Sample



Words: 5411 (22 pages)

In a modern capitalist market economic system. companies are a familiar portion of mundane life. Companies ain supermarkets. supply H2O. gas. electricity and crude oil merchandises we are depending on. They publish the newspapers and supply our Internet services. We deal with companies so frequently as buyers and users of their merchandises and services that…

Pc Depot Malaysia Pricelist


Words: 7150 (29 pages)

INTEL Mainboard (775) Asus P5QPL-AM Asus P5P43TD Asus P5P43TD PRO MSI MS7529 MSI MS7592 G41M-P33 MSI MS7519 P43-C51 MSI MS7519 P45-C51 INTEL Mainboard (1156) MSI MS7636 H55M-E33 Asus P7H55-M Asus P7P55-M Asus P5P55 LX Asus P7P55D Asus P7P55D PRO INTEL CPU + Fan (Socket 775) Pentium Dual Core E5300 2. 6GHz / Dual Core E5400…

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