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Vitamins Research Paper Vitamins Nutrients and

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Vitamins Essay, Research Paper

Vitamins, Foods, and Minerals

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Vitamins Research Paper Vitamins Nutrients and
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When one hears the three words: vitamins, foods, and minerals, they think of one thing-being healthy and detecting what your consumption is day-to-day. Nutrition is all about vitamins and foods. First, vitamins are an organic compound required by the organic structure in little sums of metamorphosis, to protect wellness, and for proper growing of kids. Vitamins besides assist in the formation of endocrines, blood cells, nervous systems chemicals, and familial stuff. There are 13 well-identified vitamins.

Some illustrations of the 13 well-identified vitamins are: A, D, E, and K-fat contained nutrients, B, C-consumed instantly. A good known and normally used in commercials for orange juice vitamin is vitamin C. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is of import in the synthesis and care of connective tissues. The deficiency of vitamin C will ensue in a illness called scorbutus. Scurvy harms the gums, mucose membranes, and the tegument. Another well-known vitamin and is besides used to commercial to give more information about this drink is the vitamin in milk.

The vitamin in milk is vitamin D. If you do non imbibe milk and obtain this vitamin, your castanetss and dentitions will go soft and weak. Missing one or more of the 13 well-identified vitamins will do illness and failing to your organic structure. Second, foods are how the organic structure assimilates certain compounds. Foods are classified in 5 major groups: proteins, saccharides, fats, vitamins, and minerals. One of the five foods is carbohydrate. The carb

ohydrate group chiefly consists of sugar, amylum, dextrin, cellulose, and animal starch. In more basic footings, saccharides are sugars needed by human and other life beings. Some types of nutrients that contain saccharides would be confects, ice pick, fruit juice, sodium carbonate, cocoa bars etc. Last, vitamins are connected to minerals. Minerals are besides a really of import portion of a healthy individual. There are 11 major groups of minerals. They are: Ca, Cr, Cu, I, Fe, Mg, manganese, phosphoric, K, Se, and Zn. All these footings look really familiar if one has taken chemical science. These are the elements of our universe. One of the more common minerals that most people have heard of is Ca. Calcium besides helps with the construction and strength of dentitions and castanetss. Vitamins and minerals work together to assist worlds keep a healthy organic structure. For illustration, vitamin D works with Ca to assist for and keep the strength of dentitions and castanetss. The deficiency of Ca has the same consequence when 1 lacks vitamin D because the minerals and vitamins work with each other to assist the organic structure and if one is non present, so the individual would endure the same effects if the other mineral or vitamin is non present. In decision, being healthy is a really of import portion of everyone’s lives. It is of import to obtain the right sum and vitamins and minerals because many diseases and illnesss can happen if there is a deficiency of a specific vitamin or minerals. Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for good wellness.



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