Volunteering: Reasons to Help

Do you think students should be required to volunteer in their communities to receive their high school diplomas? Yes because it allows you to have money opportunities volunteer is like a job the more hours you do in the job the more money you make. Volunteering helps the community in many ways but for you to get and help the community that’s a win-win situation for everyone that participate in the job and another reason volunteering would be great is to meet new people and to have fun while doing the job and final reason is exposure to community issues we all want clean and safe neighborhoods.

Some volunteer jobs give you food,drinks,and travel just to volunteer. That’s why volunteering is a great economic opportunity and it can help you get a real job if you work hard they might put in a word for you . Here are some examples of volunteering jobs that pay, Peace Corps,WorldWide Opportunities on organic Farms. These are volunteering jobs that might get you a job in the adult world and volunteering could give you free trips to places elsewhere in the world to help out their community. They will cover everything for you.You won’t have to pay a thing to help the other community.

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Another great reason to volunteer is to meet new people meeting new people can be fun to see if you have the same interests they could be your new best friend. You and your friend will go on trips together all the time when needed and stay in the same place and they will work together in volunteering together will get it done faster and it doesn’t hurt making new friends.You and your friend can hang out after the volunteer work is over,When volunteering with a friend can make it funnie also if one of them needs help they will help each other out with the work you and your friend will be helping out the community together.

Final reason is exposure to community issues helping the community out in your spare time means you are a great friend to the community and the neighborhoods that you help for you helping out as a student is huge.Volunteering can make the world a better place and a safer planet for plant and animals we can recycle get rid of trash plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.

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