Water and Fire: Two Major Components of Life

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Water and fire are two of the “classical elements” as said by the ancient Greeks. In regard to today’s society, science has found this to be myth and quite a humorous joke. Yes saying that it is an element when regarding Chemistry and when saying it makes up humans, is ridiculous. When looking at it from a different perspective than I’d have to agree with the ancient Greeks.

When they say “classical elements” it is saying that these are two things that are major components of life and without them there is nothing. Fire is an extreme of something that has a high Fahrenheit and water is something that has a generally lower Fahrenheit, which is quite a difference since they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. That is the only example that you’ll find about them being different.

The similarities on the other hand, are quite abundant yet it is wise to talk about the primary one. That one being that they both have the ability to take away life and give it/help maintains it. This is so by water being an actual component that makes up life, without it there would be no life and fire giving life by being able to keep creatures heated up in conditions that would otherwise not be sustainable.

The way that water can take away life is by having an abundance of water given to a living creature and it being drowned or in other cases taking it away and having that living creature suffocate. Fire can take away life by melting it literally. The ancients Greeks actually have some sense when they classify these two as “classical elements” because in theory they actually do make up life because their similarities and differences make life possible, not make up human beings or creatures literally.

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