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Ways to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

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    In this 21st century, we are living in an increasingly mobile-connected age. Many and many people in this whole world are having a smartphone no matter what age they are, from the young to the old. For a tool that once could only be used for making calls and sending messages, smartphones have become a gadget that can do almost everything. Many people opt to use their smartphone for everything, including entertainment, work, news source and many more. For this reason, they are basically glued to their smartphone as they are constantly using it, especially teenagers that have not enough self-discipline to control their desire to use their smartphone and end up having smartphone addiction. There are several ways to overcome smartphone addiction, such as turning off the phone before bed, keep the phone away while working and turn the phone to grayscale.

    First, we should turn off our phone before going to bed. For most people, this is seemingly impossible to do. Many smartphone addicts use their phone until they are sleepy and it normally has passed their usual sleep schedule. Also, there are people who use their smartphone as an alarm clock to wake them up. However, we must keep in mind that this method is really effective and it can help us, so we must always follow this method. After turning off our phone, we will not be distracted and therefore we will have a goodnight sleep. For people who use their smartphone as an alarm clock, I would suggest using an actual alarm clock, then they will not have any excuse not to practise this method. In short, we should turn off their phone before going to bed to keep away distractions and have a goodnight sleep.

    Furthermore, we should keep our smartphones away when we are working. When we are working, we should get rid of all distractions, especially smartphones so we are able to truly focus on our work. Smartphone addicts have a tendency to keep their devices within reach, and the way to beat this habit is to put some distance between us and our smartphone. We could have our family or friends to help us keep our phone or have the phone locked up in a drawer. This could prevent us from reaching for our phone whenever we like and limit our time on the phone. After practising this method for a while, we may be able to break the habit of reaching for our smartphone when we are working. In brief, we should keep our smartphones away when we are working and always remember control and self-discipline are the key to overcome this addiction.

    In addition, we should turn our phone to grayscale. Many people are constantly on their phone because the screens are very colourful and it attracts us. Especially the little red notification bubble, it attracts our attention and we have the urge to remove it by opening the application. In order to overcome this particular problem, we should turn our screen to grayscale as they are much less desirable to look at. Turning our phone to black and white makes it much less desirable to look at and we will not have the urge to always turn on our phone to view new notifications. This method is very easy to do as we just need to turn it on in our phone’s display settings and it will definitely lessen out time on our devices. In other words, turning our phone to grayscale will make it much less desirable to look at and we would spend less time on it.

    In conclusion, there are several ways to overcome smartphone addiction, such as turning off the phone before bed, keep the phone away while working and turn the phone to grayscale. People who use these methods will be able to overcome their smartphone addiction and lessen their time spend on their smartphones. These suggestions will be really beneficial to smartphone addicts as they will be able to overcome their addiction and really spend their precious time on things that are worth their time for. These suggestions are also really easy to practise, so people who really wanted to overcome this addiction can easily overcome it.

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