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What Does Marketing Mean to Me? Essays

What does marketing mean to me? To me, marketing is all the things that goes into a product from the promoting it to the final product on the shelves in the stores. Marketing is one of the most essential parts for a product. It is what gets the information out to the public and consumers about new and upcoming products. There are many different aspects that go into marketing. The four P’s that make up marketing is Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. I believe that marketing can make or break a product and promotion is the most important marketing mix to me.
If marketing is not done correctly, then people might not think that a product is worth buying or looking into. Promotion is a big part of marketing. If a product is not promoted correctly then it will not be able to make a profit because people would not be interested in the product. Many businesses start the promotion for a product even before the product is released. This gets people interested in it and wants to buy it as soon as it becomes available for sale. I know that I have done this with products because the promotion has been good.
Even though I am not a marketing major, I think that it is very important in any type of job you have. A company needs to be able to promote whatever it does to let people know what they do and what kind of products or services that they offer. There is not one type of business that does not use some type of marketing in their everyday work. Overall, marketing is very important to every aspect in a person’s life when they are buying products or with their job. Marketing is used every day even if one does not realize it.

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