What Influence on Children and Young People’s Development

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Children’s development can be influenced by various factors including their background, health, and environment. Children from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and circumstances may face challenges in adapting to new environments and teaching methods. Deprivation and poverty can also affect their development, making it difficult for them to achieve well in school. Poor health or disability can restrict their development opportunities and may affect their physical and social communication skills. Environmental factors such as changes in the family structure, moving house or country, bereavement, or being in care can also have an impact on children’s emotional, social, and physical development. It is important to support children and provide additional help, if needed, to ensure they are included in as much as possible.

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Illustrative examples are necessary to demonstrate how different factors, such as background, health, and environment, impact the development of children and young individuals.


Regardless of their families’ changing circumstances, children from various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, environments, and situations can attend school without the institution being aware. Research shows that students from underprivileged backgrounds may struggle academically due to poverty and deprivation because their parents have difficulty meeting their needs. Additionally, students transitioning from homeschooling may encounter difficulties in adapting to traditional teaching methods in a regular school environment and may require additional support.


Children who have poor health or a disability may experience limitations in their involvement in certain school activities, which can hinder both their physical development and social interaction, for example, playing on the playground. Acknowledging and addressing these individual needs can have a significant emotional impact on these children. Thus, it is imperative to offer support and guarantee their inclusion in as many activities as possible.


Children’s growth and development may be impacted by different environments and circumstances they encounter at school and during their childhood and teenage years. Family dynamics, such as separation, divorce, or the arrival of a new partner, can have emotional consequences for children.

Families may face different disruptions, such as moving to another home or country, which can have social consequences. Furthermore, the sickness or demise of a family member can cause distress and trauma for all individuals involved. If a child is being cared for by others or put into foster care, it can affect their emotional, social, and physical growth. These changes in situations can result in modified behavior patterns and impede their capacity to gain knowledge.

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