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We see and enjoy various Science- Fiction movies, where they travel from one planet to other within a fraction of time, looks Cool! but is it really possible and what actually is that? If it is possible, is it deadly or useful for mankind. So lets see what actually is a Wormhole A wormhole is hypothetical connection between black hole and white hole which creates a shortcut through space and time. No wormholes have been discovered till date, but some scientists and physicists believe that wormholes can exist, but they need some exotic matter to remain open otherwise they will be collapsed by the gravitational force. Initially it was not refereed to as wormhole, the term wormhole was given by John Archibald Wheeler in 1957.

Many scientists and physicists at that time believed that space is a platform where events of the universe reveal and space remains unchanged. But Einstein and Nathan Rosen in accordance with theory of relativity said that this platform is made of both space and time and the things and particles on this platform can affect it. They together postulated the idea of existence of bridges through space time, which links disparate points in space-time. If we want to travel very large distances from one galaxy to other or even larger distances, at our present speed it will take billions of years for us to go there. What if we can travel at a speed of light, we would go there. But is it possible, no. Einstein believed that it is impossible for a matter with a positive mass to travel with the speed of light because we can travel at speed of light only if mass is assumed to be infinite and its length as 0. Wormholes can connect two distant places through a short bridge through which we can travel such a large distance almost instantly.

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I will make it clear, consider a paper and you want to travel from one end of the paper to the other end, now you can reach other end simply by traveling that distance or you can fold the paper and make a hole on either end and go there within a fraction of seconds. So we will reach our destination even before light would reach there. So what would happen if a wormhole is present in your solar system. First it would be difficult for us to identify it, as it is almost microscopic in size and in order to travel through it, it’s size must be increased and exotic matter has to be supplied which opposes the gravitational force to keep the wormholes open. And it is nearly impossible to supply such a massive amount of negative matter and moreover even negative matter is also a hypothetical concept. If a wormhole is formed in your solar system its gravitational force would change the way of rotation of all the planets. And as the wormhole would collapse quickly all the planets would return to their normal state quickly.

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