A Description of the Rules and Regulations and Scoring

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For example if you ump and you’re hand touches the sand behind you before any other part of your body then that is where your jump is measured from. The second rule I am going to describe is the foul jump rule. This rule is when you take a run up there is a line before the sand pit and you’re foot is not allowed to cross the line otherwise it is a foul jump and the jump will not count. The final rule am going to describe is the no markers on the track rule. This rule is that you are not allowed to have markings on the track or sandpit but you are allowed to have them on the side.

This rule is so that they markings don’t get in the way r distract the athlete but the audience and commentators can easily see how well the athlete has done. There are a number of regulations involved in long jump. These include length of track, length and width of sand pit and the take-off board. The first regulation I am going to describe is the length of the track. This rule is that the take off track must be no more than 40 meters. This is so that each performer has the same chance and has enough momentum to get a high and long jump. The second regulation I am going to describe is the length and width of the sand pit.

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The length of the pit varies between 2. 5 meter and 3 meter and also has to have a width of 1. 22 meters and 1. 25 meters. The final regulation I am going to describe is the take-off board. The take-off board has to be 20 CM or 8 inches wide. Also A layer of plasticize is placed immediately after the board to detect the occurrence of an athlete stepping over the foul line. I am now going to describe the scoring system of my chosen sport. To score the most points an athlete has to jump the furthest and also the jump has to be allowed for example if they cross the foul line then the jump would not count.

The athlete who jumps the furthest ins and then it goes down in order of who jumped the furthest. I am now going to describe the role of the officials. The official title of the official in long jump is an official. There are several officials on a long jump track. A few of their jobs are to record and measure how far the athlete jumped (measuring from the take-off line to the first imprint. ) Also they decide whether a jump should be allowed or not and also make sure the track and sand pit are o. K. To use. In this piece of work I have described the Rules and Regulations and Scoring system of long jump.

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