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What Is Science?

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To some people science is a complex topic to talk about however, I find it rather insightful. Science is exiting, interesting, and sometimes it could even be a brain teaser. It all depends on what topic of science you are talking about. Science is a universal topic when it comes to describing the meaning. There is no wrong answer because science is everywhere! Whenever I think of science I think of a tree, a meaning of life. Ounce I start to go in depth I get more meanings in terms of science.

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What Is Science?
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A tree has branches and from that the four branches of science comes to mind. The tree to me is the reason why I fully understand the four branches of science. The four branches of science pretty much ties into what science is basically about. These are the following branches of science: Nature of science, life science, physical science, and earth science. Nature of science is the process of finding answers to questions about the world around using the scientific method while following safety procedures.

Life science is the study of all living things. As a matter of fact we would fall under the life science category. Physical science is the study of force, movement, energy, gravity, speed. Last but not least were we are living today planet earth and its science. All in all science to me means life. My model represents a tree and within the tree are the four branches of science. In each branch I have two symbols describing the corresponding science.

The tree is a big staple of life because it benefits us humans and animals in so many ways. An example would be that it could serve as a shelter to an animal (commensalism). Trees also give us oxygen essential for life. This makes us realize how important trees are to our society. To imagine that trees are the longest living organisms known to man shows the significance of having trees in our presence. In conclusion I will always think of science as a part of life.

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