What is Success and How to Define It

What is success? What are the driving forces behind success? Can anyone succeed, or is it merely fate? Success is not just about earning lots of a money. It can be define as, obtaining the things that culture or the society values, whether it be friends, close family, money and income. Success to me is setting personal goals, and following through with them. Whether you achieve your desired result or not, you have succeeded just by trying. The level of success varies as to how well one accomplishes that set goal. Social success is something that is attained to reach your own goals and the dreams with the goals that society has for you. We have achieved the social success, if we have met the right person, lived happily, started a family and raised our children well. Being able to get along with new people and being social is another way of social success. If you want to be liked and known, you should give people the oppurtunity to get to know you. Never stay distance because you never know what you can be missing out on.

Success can be described as accomplishing any set goal. “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” Success means doing what you have always wanted to do, being where you have always wanted to be. If a man’s goal in life is to eventually get married to a good wife and have many happy children, and he accomplishes that, then he could view himself as having success. Basically, success means being happy with what you are doing in life. Sometimes, success can be experienced after the accomplishment of just a short-term goal. For example, one can feel success after completing a small project at work or school. “One has achieved success who has lived well and laughed often.” This quote seems to sum up what is meant by success. If you are able to laugh often and much then you have definitely achieved the happiness. The happiness leads to the success. For example, you ever seen any successful people who is sad and sorrow? Thats because they’re not happy and in order to get ahead in life you must first find the happiness. The cheerful people are more likely to try new things and challenge themselves, which can lead to the success in the work, good relationships and strong health.

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So how does one succeed in the life? It is up to each individual to accomplish any set goal. To succeed in the life, you must believe in yourself, even if no one thinks you can do it. Never forget that you are worth it. Change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Success is about getting all that you wanted to have. It’s finding that you have achieved your goals or fulfilled your plans and it’s waking up in the morning feeling victorious rather than feeling defeated.

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