What some of the things that my granny shared with me as I was growing up

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In this paper, I am going to explain to you what some of the things that my granny shared with me as I was growing up. I am also going to explain to you how I think they are relevant or just a myth. Then I am going to show you what research has to say about some of the remedies that I have been taught or shown. Hoping by the end of this paper I may have helped someone else along the way with some of these home remedies.

Growing up I was raised by my grandmother and grandfather but I used to always listen to my grandmother and watch her when she did certain things. I also asked a lot of questions so that I could use it in the future. Some of the things that she spoke on I still utilize rather its in a remedy book or not. One of the main things that she use to use on me when I was sick and had a high temperature was rubbing alcohol, she would rub me down from head to toe and believe it or not it worked. I use it on my kids when they are sick and have a temperature, and to me, it worked better than the Tylenol and Motrin regimin. Another thing she use to do when she knew one of my baby cousins had a diaper rash they wouldn’t have to use all these creams for the baby she would bake some cornstarch and put it on the baby and that worked as well as them having their diapers left open. I am not saying that these things are 100% effective but they worked for here back in her day and I know that they have worked for me as well.

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When you are trying to explain a childs development its best to use the developmental theory. There are questions that may seem like common sense to you but when you are speaking to a therapist they may not fully understand it because its not something that they have learned or been taught about in school. David Yeats said, “All living things grow and change, and in that process, become more diversified, capable, and competent in dealing with the environment and the world. The most obvious example is that of the growth of the human body over time. We begin unable to crawl or walk, but quickly become competent at these skills, and move on to running and beyond. We have an awareness of the growth of the human body over time—how it looks and what it can do physically as a newborn, infant, toddler, pre-schooler, pre-adolescent, adolescent, young adult, middle adult and late adult”(David Yeats). From this, I gather that its always better to make sure that you are trtying to develop your children from birth because missing a step could be bad for the child development.

The difference between research and personal experience is pretty much straighforwad the research portion of the equation is more likely to be effective. I say that because there has been research done so there is proof and known results. Then on the personal experience what may have worked for you but the same thing may not work for the next person so that personal experience may not be the best thing to follow especially when you have straight facts from research.

In conclsion, I am hoping that you may have gained a tip or two from my grandma as well as some of the information from Mr. Yates on development stages. I have been known to research things but if my granny remedy works better then that’s what I use but once or if that fail then I know to research for another remedy. I can’t tell you how many times I have used these remedies though and they haven’t failed me yet.

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