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What to Expect When Your Going To College

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    The thought about just graduating from High School so you can start over and go to college sounds great. Just complete the personal statements, applications, FAFSA and tests, so all the stress will be over. Will the stress really be over after you graduate? It won’t. That was nothing in high school. Coming to college your going to have to come prepared. Many people come to college and not know what to expect. As you get deeper into the semester your going to find stress level rising. One thing you have to about going to college is to maintain time management. states “ If you embrace time management, you will be successful as a college student.” This is very true because many students struggle to do this. It is very hard to say no to people when they ask you to go out and have fun.

    Theres nothing wrong with having fun but you do need to learn how to look at your assignments, events, and responsibilities so you can plan accordingly. Keeping a planner and calander around would help to. Put school first without stressing about it. Time management also goes hand in hand with social responsibility. Learning how to balance you social and school life can help you become successful. Its good to put yourself out there and be social especially if your coming from somewhere different. You will meet many different and interesting people. Going out and partying happens often, and sometimes you might get carried away instead of using that time to finish school work. “If you are always out and then use up the rest of your time to study, that lack of sleep can lead to poor academic performance and your health may deteriorate”. ( It is better to study and then use the rest of your time to rest or do what you want. Choose to be empowered by your own goals because when you put yourself first you can find time to do what you want. Financial responsibility also plays a part in your new college life. Its important to be financially fit and not abuse any financial aid or other funds.

    Most students in college are on financial aid. So, you must make sure you are going to your classes and doing well so you don’t lose your financial aid. Also 6 months after graduation, you must pay the money back so its best you don’t abuse your aid such as taking out a high amount of loans. Spending money on things in college is very tempting. You’re going to spend a lot of money on necessities such as food, clothes, maybe some gas, and supplies. Its good to learn to save money and be on a budget so you don’t end up broke. Procrastination is one of the biggest problems of college stress. When you take a long time to do things such as assignments it will affect your grade because you’re not putting in the effort. “Break large tasks up into bite-sized pieces and estimate how much time each piece will take.” ( Allow yourself to make mistakes but learn how to overcome them. Put your priorities first.

    Eating is also a problem in college. The freshman ’15 is actually true. Students tend to find them selves eating more than they usually do and start gaining weight. There are a lot of unhealthy meals all around which gets tempting to buy but try to stay healthy in college or you can gain some weight. Inconclusion, figuring out your goals and working towards them will help you in college. Transitioning from high school to college is known to be a difficult adjustment. You are basically on your own, but it will help you change as someone becoming an adult. Just make sure to be responsible and embrace time management.

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