What You Chose for Time Capsule

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I chose this object for the time capsule because it is the school of my choice. I hope to start in October of 2002. Currently I do not know whether I will attend the university because of money issues, this place is very expensive! This object fits into or nation because it represents the school, which represents the nation. Kettering is one of the top overall schools in the nation, and the number one mechanical engineering school, it represents how important education is to us Americans.

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I chose to put the Bible into the time capsule to represent the ongoing fight between the Jews and the Palestinians. The Bible contains the First Testament, which the Jews believe in, and the Palestinians dont. The Jews believe that Israel is their holy land and rightfully theirs, the Palestinians have lived there for hundreds of years before they were kicked out in WWII and replaced with the Jews. This relates to our nation because we are trying to help solve the dispute between these two. President Bush has tried many times to form a treaty between these two, but has recently demanded that they solve their problems now.

Messy Pictures

I took these pictures to represent out economy. The first picture represents the state of the economy just after Sept. 11. The second picture shows the state of the economy currently, things are not quite as messy as the picture to show that the economy is cleaning up and getting better. The third picture is what I hope to see when I reopen this time capsule in a couple of months. Everything is cleared up, and all that is left is money.

Birth Certificate

I chose to include a copy of my birth certificate to represent the second American Taliban member found in Afghanistan. Yasser Esam Hamdi was found fighting with the Taliban and was also found to be and American citizen. He was born in America to Saudi parents, but moved back to Saudi Arabia when he was just a toddler.I put my birth certificate into the time capsule because that is what Hamdi had shown U.S. officials to prove he was an American. Just because he was born in America he has caused an uproar in the media and will face different charges than the non-citizens that committed the same crimes he did. Does this little paper make someone a citizen even though they lived their entire lives in another country and fought along side that country against America?

Two Flashlights

I incorporated the flashlights into the box to make a little memorial resembling the one in New York. Two beams of light were shot up into the air, and will be kept on for 32 days in memory of all the victims of Sept. 11. It is called a Tribute in Light and stands at the spot where the towers once stood. The memorial shows how we as a nation have pulled together, and how we have all changed since that tragic day. Sept. 11, 2001 was a day that affected not only our nation, but the entire world, and will never be forgotten.

Basketball w/ Pic

I chose the basketball along with the picture to represent the NCAA Mens Basketball Champions, the Maryland Terps. After they one the game crowds broke out and decided to celebrate by breaking some windows, starting some fires, and throwing glass bottles at the police. The picture shows some of the destruction caused by the riots. I included this in the time capsule to show that some Americans still need to mature and learn how to control themselves. They need to learn how to show their excitement in other ways than causing destruction.

Oil Bottle

The bottle of oil signifies the increase in gas prices around the nation. The price of gas has been going back and forth and has just recently gone up to about $1.50 per gallon. The fighting in the Middle East has caused the export of oil to decrease. Less oil means more money. The United States depends greatly on oil, and with the increased price, there will most likely be less use of it, and not help the economy grow.

Pistons Card

Although the card is old, it is of a Pistons player. The Pistons are doing fairly well this year and it looks like they are headed for the playoffs. With a large population interested in sports, the NBA playoffs should generate large amounts of money. Detroit might see some of that money because the Pistons might actually make it past the first round this year, which will generate a lot of excitement and the purchase of tickets. The card fits into are nation because the sport it represents racks in a lot of money and makes the economy stronger.


Enron going bankrupt was a big issue and affected a lot of people. Thousands of people lost not only their jobs, but also their 401K. The bankruptcy of Enron should tell other companies to be very cautious with their spending, because if a large company like Enron can lose it all so can other companies. This was another drop in the nations economy and thats why I included it into my time capsule. To represent the Enron scandal, I included a recent news article about its bankruptcy.


I included the hockey stick to represent the Red Wings. The Red Wings affect the entire nation because all the other teams in the country have a very little chance of winning the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings playing like they are. With the Wings doing so well, playoff tickets will be selling at top dollar. The city of Detroit should be able to see some of that money and use it to improve things in the city. With all the money being spent, the economy might get a little boost toward the better.

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