White Female Diversity Scholarship Essay

English 1301-2033 TR The term ‘diversity’ is so broad that it can be interpreted in many different ways. From the societal prospective of diversity, what everyone thinks diversity means, skin color, race, ethnicity, I am far from diverse. I’m just an average middle class suburban white girl. Diversity does not just mean skin color and ethnicity though, to me diversity also includes personality as well as work ethic and that is where I am different. My personality and work ethic are what I bring to the college.

My love for higher knowledge and self improvement is beyond that of any “average” person.

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White Female Diversity Scholarship
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My personality is comprised of two main components, my ability to love and help people, and my unwaving work ethic. My ability to love and help others is a characteristic that has shaped many parts of my life. During my junior year of high school, I was traveling home from school one afternoon when I spotted two elderly labrador retrievers cross a major street by themselves.

I promptly followed the two dogs to a nearby park. When I finally caught up with them, I realized that they were lost but that they had their tags with owners contacts. While trying to look at their tags, one of the dogs ran off.

I followed that dog for over a mile before it catching up with it, while my friend that was with me stayed with the other. Once we called the owners of the two dogs we sat and waited for over an hour until they arrived. They were so happy to see that their dogs were okay, and thanked us many times over. My ability to help others in need whether they are people or animals is a trait that is special, a trait that would bring personality diversity to any college. My work ethic is also a characteristic that has played a major role in who I am and who I want to become.

I come from a family where college is not a necessity, but to reach my goal of becoming a elementary school teacher, college is a more then a necessity. The moment I realized what I wanted to do with my life, I started working hard to obtain it. I enrolled in all AP classes, enlisted in after-school activities, and joined a group dedicated to community service. One of my favorite teachers told me, “you can never have too many good teachers. ” No matter what obstacles are thrown my way I am going to become the good teacher I have always dreamed of being.

My work ethic is what differs me from others, I do not stray away from my dreams, I achieve them. My personality is what makes me different and sets me apart from other people. To me, physical diversity, although important, is not the main component in making a college diversity great. What makes a college campus great is the personalities of all the students who attend the university meshing together to create an environment of learning from others. Personality is the single most important thing that makes every human unique, and thus every human diverse.

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