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“A country’s development depends on its future citizens” (8)

As the college cricket team captain, I was involved in a lot of practice sessions. During one such match, I met Chinna, a victim of child labour. His talent was rare for his age. I realized the importance of making resources available to underprivileged children so as to help them improve their standard of living and provide them with a fair chance to compete with counterparts from the developed section.

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After graduation, I decided to forego an offer from Syntel to understand how technology can help make the society a better place to live in.

A course in Embedded Systems Design from CDAC opened the doors for me to explore technology. Working with technology enabled me to understand its far reaching effects.

During the same time, I taught victims of child labour. As a member of Sparsh – an organization in the company that works for the cause of underprivileged, I was involved in activities that made an impact on society.

Exposure to latest technology and its numerous advantages, experience of teaching the underprivileged, and understanding the role of sports in a country’s development gave birth to the concept of Digital Sports School. A well groomed child provided with opportunities would become a better citizen, would live an improved life and thus would aid in the overall development of the country.

An —- MBA will help me in developing the right skills and exposing me to market situations. As a part of achieving my goal, I wish to work at a managerial position in sales division in the Sports and Entertainment industry. However, I face financial barrier to pursue my goal and —– scholarship would contribute significantly in propelling me towards my goal. Hence I consider myself eligible for the scholarship.

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