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Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, retired in the middle of his prime in 1993, sparking rumors that it was actually a secret suspension. The most popular theory was that NBA commissioner David Stern forced him to retire due to his known gambling habits. These rumors intensified after Michael Jordan’s father was murdered and an investigation into his gambling habits was launched by the NBA three days later. Some speculated that his father was killed because Michael Jordan never paid off a gambling debt. Michael Jordan retired officially on October 6, 1993, after winning three championships with the Bulls, citing a desire to ride something else. However, his retirement speech included a statement that if David Stern allowed him back into the league, he may return. The NBA investigation into Michael Jordan’s gambling habits ended three days after his retirement, concluding that he was clean, but many still believed his gambling habits were far from clean. One person even overheard Michael Jordan discussing the betting line for a game he was playing in.

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Imagine your the greatest of greats at basketball and then in the middle of your prime you retire, Well, that is what happened to Michael Jordan but the thing is what if his retirement was a secret suspension. Michael Jordan had one of the best careers ever and in the middle of his Career, he retired. Rumors started swirling and the one that stuck out the most to everyone was, what if Michael Jordan was forced to retire by David Stern the NBA commissioner at the time because of Michael Jordan’s Terrible gambling habits that at the time everyone knew about. On August 3rd, 1993 Michael Jordan’s Father Michael Jordan Sr. was found dead in a creek[Robbins]. 3 days later the NBA started an Investigation into Michael Jordan’s gambling habits[Dodson]. Most people thought that the timing was crazy and the rumors started flying. The most popular one was that Michael Jordan’s father was killed because Michael Jordan never paid off a gambling debt that he owed[PeteM].

A year before his father was murdered, Michael Jordan had to go to court to testify against James Bouler, a dude who was going to jail for money laundering and he was a drug dealer. James Bouler was in possession of a 57,000 dollar check signed by Michael Jordan himself, at first Michael Jordan said it was a business loan but then he admitted that it was because Bouler won a bet against him[PeteM]. On October 6th, 1993 Michael Jordan officially retired from basketball after winning 3 championships with the Bulls[Dodson]. Michael Jordan said this is why he is retiring, “If you ride a roller coaster for nine years, don’t you want to ride something else? That’s the way I feel right now, I want to ride something else”. On October 6th, 1993 when Michael Jordan for the first time in his career retired from the game of basketball for the first time in his career. Of course, when one of the most well-known men in the world does something like this no one really believes or accepts something like this so the conspiracies started flying. The NBA commissioner at the time David Stern quickly defended the rumors saying that Michael Jordan retired cause he felt it was time and that is all. Something that stuck out to everyone in Michael Jordan’s retirement speech was that he said “If David Stern lets me back into the league I may come back”[Smith].

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When Michael Jordan said that everyone’s mouths drop, why would Michael Jordan, someone everyone loved to watch say something like that, it sounded like David Stern would not let him back in the league. Everyone had some thought that his retirement had a little to do with his gambling habits, on one particular night Michael Jordan is said to have lost over 1.2 million dollars playing golf with a gambling buddy[MichaelP]. 3 days after Michael Jordan retired, the NBA ended the investigation into Michael Jordan’s gambling habits and concluded that Michael Jordan was clean, which everyone knew was far from true, mostly everyone in the world knew that Michael Jordan’s gambling habits were far from clean. Richard Equinas was walking around before a Bulls game one day and overheard Michael Jordan on the phone with someone and he overheard Michael Jordan saying “so the betting line for today’s game is -7 right”{Smith} In case you did not know you can not bet on a sports game that your playing in, look at Pete Rose, great player but he got suspended from baseball forever because he bet on baseball.

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