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Why are Women Discriminated in the Workplace

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    Female discrimination is a topic that speaks for most women because in a workplace, women don’t have a voice when they want to have a little change in their work. Women in a male workplace usually or always don’t get the same amount of rights as men in jobs like same salary. But, the most thing that women get in a workplace is get sexually harassed each day of their jobs. Women try to stop it, but people don’t believe them. That is why people ask why women are discriminated in the workplace.

    To begin with, women who have earn their way to having a job that is dominantly a men’s job also gets a lower income than men. Single mothers, women of color, and elderly women are living in a world that when you get a job, your sex determined how much income you get in a job every other week. When we look at today, single mothers are now living in poverty and overrepresented in low-wage jobs than having the same rights as men. Since that is happening, unemployment rates are going up and are high for groups of women. (NWLC,2011) Next, women in the workplace must find ways to fit in the job, but in some jobs, women are getting pushed out and losing their jobs. Now people are giving tips to women to help them not get push out by build cross generational network. Moving out of your comfort zone and trying to build connections with older co-workers can help you stay relevant. You can also create mutually relationships by helping others achieve their goals. By doing these things, you are building your proposition in the workplace and nurturing yourself to become a better person. (Marcus,2018)

    Afterwards, some women have an advantage over men and that’s they have a higher education then men. But because of that, they get discriminated more. Women in a workplace who wave a bachelor’s degree or more education report more discrimination in a range of items then women with less education. 57% of women with a postgraduate degree experience discrimination. With women with a bachelor’s degree, they are the ones who get more discriminated and more targeted then women with less education, and postgraduate degree women. Another reason is because they have less support from elders and been missed out on important assignments. 15% of working women say have less support from older workers from men who are doing the same job as them. In other terms, one in ten women are missing out on important assignment that they can do but because of there gender, they cannot do the assignment. (Funk, 2017)

    Additionally, women are making their own self feel bad because of their gender. When women work with men, there reporting that it makes their work have a negative impact and affects how they be in the real world. While, when women work with women, their stamina and feelings grow, and they don’t feel no bad comments no more. Its better for women to work with women because they don’t have to be harassed by men. When they work with men, they get harassed and sometimes people don’t believe them. That’s when they get into position that they will let them do sexual harassment and discrimination to keep their job. Its not fair for women to go through this and still don’t get the same rights as men in jobs. 48% of women say that when it comes to recruitment and hiring, women who has the potential to work there don’t always get pick then women who don’t have the potential. Some jobs want women who cares a little about having the same rights as men or have little favor for discrimination against women. (Parker,2018)

    Furthermore, the government is doing some things to make sure women have the same rights as men. The government has introduced some ground-breaking requirements to make sure women have no pay gaps in their paychecks. The government is also making sure that men and women wok together to have a flexibility relationship with each other. When the government is doing things to improve the work business for females, they are taking it seriously for everybody including women to have the same rights, and income as men. (Siddique,2018)

    Likewise, discrimination with women doesn’t always start at the workplace, it can start in High school and college years. Women are told in college that they don’t really need to work in the work business, they need to work as a teacher, nurse, or caregiver. But they don’t listen to them. Now women are earning more credits then men at every level. In high school, boys are most likely to tell girls to not participate in sports or clubs because of their gender. But girls are more encouraging to do after-school volunteering, social programs, and activities that are more passive. Women and girls are now putting power in their own hands and doing things that stands them out in the crowd of discrimination. Another reason is women are changing the workplace but not a lot just yet. More women are now starting their own business then men and are in the workforce then men. And because of that, more women are holding more scholarships and degrees then men. But there are only dominating industries that are category as “female”. This is a big step for the women and maybe by 2023, they will change the industry. (Wolfe, 2018)

    Finally, there are solutions to stop discrimination against women. One solution is to teach your employees what is not sexual harassment. When you teach your employees about sexual harassment, encourage the male employees to ask women to join them for lunch or on a coffee run and make sure to let them know that its not sexual harassment its just two colleagues hanging out together. Another solution is to educate them on how to eliminate secrecy surrounding workplace romances. By keeping a romance secret from others, your business can eliminate favoritism that is from relationships in the workplace. By eliminating secrecy in the workplace, it reduces the rumors that occur when it the relationship was happening. (Jeanetta,2016)

    In conclusion, women in the workplace should have the same income, the same rights, and the same assignments. They should also not feel bad about their gender and put them into depression. Female discrimination is a bad thing to do to women in the workplace. But the government and other people are trying to make the world know that female discrimination is a bad thing to do and it won’t take over business.

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