Women In the Workplace

What is Gender Wage Gap? It is the amount of money paid that differs between men and women, who often do the same work. How can or can’t these two sources be a method on sharing information on Women in the workplace should be acknowledged for their work and also should be paid the equal amount that their male co-workers make within the same field. By increasing women wages it can create a workplace where both men and women are viewed equally and also receive equal pay.

Women in the workplace should be seen as leaders. A PHD student at the centre for the study group processes at kent university, Abigail Player,in her article, “ Gender Equality: why women are still held back, published in 2013, addresses that the topic about how women still face gender issues in the workplace and confirms that in a workplace where both men and women work, men are seen as the leader. She express that “ people view men as more capable leaders, men are rewarded more highly than a women – just having a male name is more likely to get you a job.” (Player, 2013, para. 4). In another Player indicates that “For example, people view men as more capable leaders, men are rewarded more highly than women just having a male name is more likely to get you the job. If you are a mother, your chances of getting the job are reduced by 70%.” (Player, 2013, para 2.).

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Player shows how women are not seen as suitable leaders in the workplace which causes the payment given to both men and women to differ from each other. Both men and women workers should receive the same amount of money especially if they work in the same field.

Women are not making as much as their male co-workers due to this flaw. In the article, “6 Excuses for the Gender Pay Gap You Can Stop Using”, published in 2016, author Alicia Adamczyk, a senior at the University of Michigan and a Finance Writer, asserts that men tend to work harder and suggest that if women begin to work more hours that they can receive an equal amount of pay. She also proclaims that women are not making as much due to men working harder at their jobs. The reason why male workers work harder than a female worker is that “ they put in more hours, don’t take much time off, and don’t leave temporarily to have children” (Adamczyk, 2016, para. 1). This belief is sexist inaccurate generalization. Even though women wanted to work more hours men were favored by 14%. Most of the time when a female is taking an off day from work is either when she is ill or her young one/ones. Even when a female returns from a temporary leave they still face discrimination within the workforce.

Gender-role division in a workplace should come to an end. Player shows how change and improvement can happen only if an obstacle is conquered. She states that “ women have never been in a stronger position to lead, change and shape the economy social and political landscape. The 21st century has a drastic shift in “ traditional ” family dynamics and the greater recognition of gender in legislation has helped pull apart gender-roles division.” (Player, 2013, para. 1). Player is trying to indicate that a place where gender-role division does not exist can bring prosperous workplace for both genders. Both men and women should be acknowledged for their work not by their gender.

Women receiving equal pay would lead to the economy flourishing. Player says that “ in the long term encouraging women to participate in the labour market is vital to ensure economic growth at both micro and macro level.” (Player, 2013, para. 6). In this article, “How Better Pay for Women would Kickstart Amazing Economic Growth”, published in 2016, author Kerri Anne Renzulli, a Family Finance Reporter for Money Magazine, asserts that the economy can make trillions of dollars within a decade only if women recieve equal pay. She affirms “Full gender equality in the workplace could boost the U.S. economy by a staggering $4.3 trillion in about a decade…” (Renzulli, 2016, para.1).By increasing the wages that a female currently receives to the equal amount that their male co-worker can create a positive workplace which then cause the economy to rise. By this happening it can create a workplace where the job is done by both genders.

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