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Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace

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Sexual harassment is an ethical issue that happens more often that we think. In the workplace sexual harassment has become so extreme that most women are afraid to report it. The majority of the sexual harassment complaints are from women that have been harassed by a supervisor.

In this case Lavonda was in a personal relationship with Allen and now that she broke it off, he is sexually harassing her and bullying her. Lavonda’s problems Lavonda is faced with multiple problems.

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Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace
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She was lured into the company by false honesty of Allen, tricked into a relationship that was a lie and for Allen’s own self-interest.The biggest issue that Lavonda faces is sexual harassment.

In the beginning she was taken from her old job by Allen by offering her a bigger salary and a chance to be able to take care of her mother. Allen started using his power early to gain Lavonda’s trust by being a close personal “friend”.

As a supervisor Allen should have never let this relationship pass the supervisor/subordinate relationship. It should have been strictly business.

Lavonda was unaware of the policies held by this new company. After Lavonda called off the personal relationship, Allen continued to sexually harass her.Lavonda’s alternatives Some of Lavonda’s alternatives and possible professional and private outcomes include her current situation the meeting with the vice president of current affairs. She went to human resources to report that Allen was sexually harassing her, but since Karline was in charge of HR and also the other person that Allen was seeing, she left Lavonda feeling uncomfortable and threatented to report her as well as Allen.

This left Lavonda in a spot of confusion. If she reported Allen, then she too could lose her job for having a relationship with her supervisor.She could take up Allen on his offer and coax the new sales rep for Allen and then she could be transferred out from under his management, but then that would allow Allen to continue to sexually harass and lie to other employees and the vicious cycle would never end. I think it is in her best interest to report him to the Vice president and let him know that she was unaware of the companies ethical policies.

Ask to be moved to a new area or under a new supervisor. Allen Allen is in violation of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination.Allen is using his postion and authority to bully Lavonda and to sexually harass her. Lavonda made it clear to Allen that his advances and inappropriate touching was unwanted and needed to stop.

(Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2008, p. 72). Allen creates the work environment for Lavonda to be a hostile work environment. Allen has affected Lavonda’s ability to work.

Sexual harassment is an ongoing unwanted action in the workplace. Women need to stand up for themselves and make sure it is known to the individual that their action is unwanted. If it persists then it needs to be immediately reported.

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Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace. (2017, May 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/sexual-harassment-of-women-in-the-workplace/

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