Why Do Couples Break Up? Relationship Problems Research Paper

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In our complex society there are matrimonies and relationships that win and comparably many that do non. Unfortunately, many little struggles within people do non decide easy and take up to divorces and/or break ups. It is unjust to state that peculiar sex is responsible for all the causes the troubles in relationships. Therefore, both sides should be analyzed closely to happen the defects within the relationships.

Most work forces think that their girlfriends or married womans are the chief job shapers, and strongly oppose the fact that they are the job excessively. Similarly, adult females find their ain grounds to fault their work forces for the failures of their relationships. However, everything comes to a point where each individual should take a expression at their ain defects and besides see the jobs in their ain sex, that unluckily cause their matrimony to fade out in the large pot of misconstruing and confusion.

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From adult females’s point of position we can see that work forces are non the perfect human existences, which they think they are. Womans come up with infinite causes that construct up tenseness between twosomes. Important of all, work forces are blamed for every individual thing. Major causes that raise troubles and rifts within relationships are work forces’s irresponsible disbursement, their wont for goggling at other misss, and that they normally forget particular occasions.

First of wholly, a chief cause that is normally identified by many females is that work forces travel for other misss and lout at them even in their presence. Many struggles in relationships arise from a fact that work forces like to goggle at other misss. This makes misss brainsick because they believe that their hubbies will finally travel for other misss.

My 2nd cousin, Vartan, was married for over seven old ages, but unluckily things did non work out between him and his married woman. There were several grounds that lead up to their divorce, and behind each ground Vartan was guilty. From his married woman’s point of position he was a deceiver and atrocious individual, because he one time started speaking with some pretty miss in eating house where his married woman was besides at that place.

Definitely it was his mistake that they had a struggle over this issue. Vartan should have been more responsible for his actions that twenty-four hours at the eating house. Looking at the bigger image about all work forces are like that. Most can non defy go throughing a cunning miss and non looking at her or even doing a conversation. For this peculiar ground most adult females get down off struggles which finally lead to interrupt ups and divorces.

The worst of all is that work forces are ever guilty, because they do non believe heterosexual in some state of affairss. Another obvious ground why twosomes break up is believed to be the irresponsible money disbursement. For many adult females that is annoying and a major job that finally causes interruptions ups. One might hear a batch of complains from married womans that are angry at their hubby’s money disbursement.

A signifier of disbursement that many adult females are unhappy with is the chancing job. A large part of work forces do non care about their hereafter at a given minute, and lose their money to a last penny. Vartan was besides a large gambler. He could non defy non traveling to a casino on his payday.

For two months he did non convey place any money, because he was passing it all. After coming home one twenty-four hours without his auto, because he lost it excessively, his five packed up and left him. This is typically what happens to the twosome that have this job in their house. Again logic suggests that work forces are the cause for most of the jobs between twosomes. Because they chose to populate a life that they like, they get back what they might non anticipate, a divorce.

One more ground that contributes to the causes for interruption ups is that most of the clip adult male bury of import occasions. A particular gift or a corsage of roses is the hope of a miss to acquire for an anniversary or a birthday. Unfortunately, most work forces forget that particular twenty-four hours. This exclusive ground makes adult females mad at their hubbies and fellows. Their sloppiness makes adult females think that they are unimportant to their work forces. This small item in matrimony makes a footstep towards a divorce. Not recognizing what it means for a adult female to acquire attending, work forces keep disregarding many facets of relationship including the particular yearss which mean everything to adult females.

A friend of mine, Tony, had a serious relationship with a miss for over a twelvemonth. Unthinkable happened when we heard that they broke up. What was the ground. Tony knew good, he forgot to travel to his girlfriends birthday party, to which he was invited to. Alternatively he went cruising around with his cousins that same flushing. As you can see, every job in relationship starts from a adult male’s careless action.

There are legion factors and causes that contribute to why twosomes break up. However, work forces cause most of the jobs because they heedlessly spend their money, all the clip lout at pretty misss, and ever seem to bury the particular occasions. Work force might non believe that their actions can be really violative to their ladies.

However, the truth is that a little thing such as burying to demo up for your girlfriend’s birthday party, causes choler and tenseness between twosomes. Furthermore, work forces like to chance irresponsibly. From adult females’s point of position, this type of action is unacceptable. Hence, this is a major cause of interruption ups.

Important of all is that most work forces gawk at other misss all the clip. Whether entirely or in presence of their married womans. As one can calculate, most jobs come from work forces. Everything they do look to be incorrect and careless towards adult females. At least this is what misss think.

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