Why I Look Toward Cornell Arts And Science College

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My younger sister was born without enamel covering her teeth, a rare condition known as “amelogenesis imperfecta.” As a result, she is emaciated and cannot eat anything too hot or too cold or bite anything too hard. Despite brushing and flossing daily, every dentist visit reveals new cavities. It is acutely upsetting to know my sister and thousands of children worldwide, suffer the consequences of microscopic DNA aberrations. If I am chosen to join Cornell as a Biology major, I will seek opportunities to pursue research in genetics and genomics which offer the potential to study such undesirable mutations and do something about it.

At the School of Arts and Sciences, I intend to focus my education on the concentration of Genetics, Genomics, and Development. This field of study offers exciting courses, including “Cancer Genetics” and “Stem Cells and Regeneration” that appeal to me. As an underclassman, I will look to stagger my classes, so it buys me time to get used to college. I will most likely choose Biology and chemistry in the first year and defer math to the second. I will select genomics-related topics for the seminar, so I can do an in-depth reading of scientific papers, talk to scientists and give myself a good base to pursue research.

Four years at Cornell will fly by fast, and I will try to well use every minute out there. I will spend the summers pursuing research through the University’s distinct REU summer research opportunity. Starting the second year, I hope to join Professor Amnon Koren’s research team on DNA replication and expect to find answers to several practical, everyday biology questions. The advanced life sciences labs at the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology is the tipping point for me as it offers a fantastic platform to work on cutting edge of genomic technology.

I will look to bolster my understanding of terrestrial biology with a course on “Marine Ecological Genomics” at The Shoals Marine Lab in Maine. The experiential learning element provided by the immersive field-work opportunity at the beautiful Appledore Island will reinforce the theoretical concepts learned in the classrooms in Ithaca.

I want to pair my enthusiasm for genetics with my zeal for writing. Towards that end, I will select the minor in creative writing. I am a storyteller at heart who loves weaving together tales of science fiction and heroes who face insurmountable odds. Having already published over ten thousand words, I look to hone my craft and hope that one day I, a proud Cornell alumnus, can author a New York Times best-seller.

Outside of the classroom, I look forward to playing soccer, a sport that I have played for over ten years, on the green Ithacan soccer fields. I will join and actively contribute to select few student body organizations, and one among them is the Cornell Chapter of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; I hope to build a vibrant network that can provide synergy past the college years. Also, I will look forward to contributing to the University’s diverse selection of publications and clubs, from Kitsch Magazine to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Alliance.

As a naturalized US citizen with roots back in rural India, I am grateful for the privileged position in the society; I would actively join hands with the best at Cornell and take up initiatives that help better prospects for girls’ primary education in the underprivileged world. A slate in a girl’s hand will pull a family off the drudged living.

As I look toward Cornell Arts and Science College, I am excited at the prospect of meeting new people, trying out new activities and coming across new ideas. The unique Cornell experience will open a world of possibilities, give me a fresh perspective and use my energy to make a difference. 

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