Specialization in Finance at Cornell University

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Tell us what you’d like to major in at Cornell and why, how your past academic or work experience influenced your decision, and how transferring to Cornell would further your academic interests.’

            I would like to major in Finance in Cornell University as I firmly believe that the school has one of the best and most intensive business programs in the United States. As a Taiwanese who has spent his life in Shanghai, which is widely touted as the future “Finance Center” of Asia, I have just come into a realization how important it is to have a knowledge in business particularly in managing money.

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 During my high school days, I have learned that through my economics, calculus, and other math-related classes, the business plays a highly crucial role in any country’s economy. However, behind any business is basically powered by capital, or in other words, as an old Chinese saying goes, “Money is not everything, but without money nothing can be done.”

            However, having money alone is not enough to make a business on top, make it operational. For any business to succeed, the entrepreneur or the proprietor should have the necessary knowledge and skills in how to make and manage profit and handle losses so that the business runs smoothly. Likewise, for any investment to grow, it is also essential for its investors to know on how to manage the money properly and effectively.

            In this connection, I believe that knowledge and mastery of finance provide anyone a powerful tool in ensuring the success of any business. I strongly believe, too, that the high-quality education and training that I will be receiving from Cornell’s AEM Finance program would give me the necessary skills I need as I climb the ladder of success in business. Furthermore, Cornell University provides a business and life science combined program which makes its students more flexible, diverse and competitive.

            In taking this step, it makes me more assure that my dream to be a highly-skilled specialist in investment analysis will be fulfilled. After college, I intend to become an investment or a business analyst in the United States particularly in the Wall Street Journal. This dream will be within my reach if I am blessed and fortunate enough to be accepted at Cornell.

            In addition, I am interested to enroll at Cornell because it is also a culturally diverse school and as a Taiwanese, this is a welcome environment for me as I would be able to interact with people from different cultures and possibly exchange ideas and information with them. In short, the school would give me the chance to share my culture and learn from the cultures of other students as well.

            Furthermore, aside from the skills and knowledge that Cornell would provide me, I also believe that the school would be a great avenue for my over-all personal growth; thus, Cornell will not only make me successful in my chosen career but it would also contribute to my enrichment as a person, which I believe is more important than anything else. Considering the reputation of Cornell, I am certainly sure that if I get accepted into its business program, I would not only be a highly competent business analyst but also a well-rounded and disciplined person who is full of values and no doubt that these will contribute to the fulfillment of my dreams and aspirations.

As a whole, I believe that for a school to be truly excellent, it should not only excel in the programs that it offers but also in values which is inculcated in its students, which is exactly the idea of Business Beyond Expectations.

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