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Cornell Admissions

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Cornell Admissions Essay

My name is ______________________, and I am interested in pursuing the course International Agriculture and Rural Development Major and International Studies Minor for CALS Undergraduates. My interest in this course is a result of an awareness of how the world needs people who will step up and be willing to make a contribution to affect change in the environment.

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Cornell Admissions
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My attention is particularly directed towards the agricultural community in the village of El Limón de Ocoa, Dominican Republic.

  I have come become acquainted with the situation in this part of the world through a leadership seminar class in Santo Domingo.   The residents of the village of El Limón de Ocoa are no strangers to the internet.  Twenty-four rural communities in the Dominican Republic have access to the Internet. However, the content of Dominican Republic web sites is mostly aimed an urban middle class audience. There is an urgent need for new web sites and communication forums that are customized to suit the needs of the rural population that will help in rural development.

In addition, factors such as geographical distance, family obligations and have made the spread of valuable information vital to their livelihood, which is agriculture, very difficult. The dissemination of information has become a great challenge.

Through this seminar, I was made aware that computer illiteracy has affected the people such that information that is supposed to help them improve their livelihood efforts has remained inaccessible because of the lack of skill needed to access the information. The problem in this area can be solved if there are people who will be willing to facilitate the teaching of computer skills and to put up agricultural websites for them be able to get their hands on new, useful agricultural techniques.

My attendance in that seminar has resulted in an awakening that something seemingly commonplace and trivial in Western society and culture can spell a whole world of difference and a better place to live for people who live in this side of the world. This awakening has propelled a passion towards pursuing Agricultural Sciences as a major at Cornell University.  My aim is to pursue the Agricultural Sciences program to be able to provide useful and modern agricultural developments to help these communities make the best out of their resources.

Cornell University has earned its reputation as an institution that produces great egalitarian leaders; this is part of the reason why I have chosen to entrust my future with Cornell. Furthermore, Cornell is an advocate of human diversity that aims to support the educational aspirations of individuals regardless of race, gender, class and disability.

It is my firm belief that Cornell’s program in Agricultural sciences will equip me with the sufficient amount of skill to be able to do something significant to help the people in communities such as in El Limón de Ocoa.

The skills I will acquire through this program will help me make a significant contribution in the area of agriculture and rural development, a cause which I am deeply passionate about.

I believe that Cornell with nurture my passion and empower me to make great things possible. With that, it is with much optimism that I leave my future and my intentions in your good hands. I look forward to a bright academic career and a great future ahead.

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Cornell Admissions. (2016, Aug 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/cornell-admissions-essay/

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