Why I Want to Attend Fiu ?

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As I was growing up, my family always said that I would pursue a medical career. I’ve taken some CPR classes . But I came to realize that I really didn’t like messy part of the field When I say messy I mean, the blood, open wounds, and other things that people consider to be disgusting. Even though the pay is great and benefits are good, I want to pursue a career that I want to do. As I got a little older, I found a new field of interest. I built a passion for Criminal Justice. Since I had plenty of time on my hands, I started to go the library and rented out all the books that had to do with criminal justice.

I made it a hobby to read law books. I began to understand and like all the jobs and position involved with the Criminal Justice field. I presume Florida International University will offer me the best deal for my interest . Getting started in the college application process can be a daunting task. While the paperwork itself will require careful management, the creative energy that must be given to developing key messages and application themes and crafting them into compelling personal statements can be all consuming. The following are strategies for starting the process.

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First , Be purposeful in your searching , Work toward a short list ,Visit college campuses , Develop a resume ,Identify key messages you want to convey in your application ,Talk with teachers now about letters of recommendations and last but not least Investigate financial aid options . For two to four years the establishment will be 50,000 or more . I will be living on campus . By living at home I don’t think I will save money because the University is a hour drive from my house so Instead of driving there everyday I will be saving money while staying on campus .

Yes my parent is okay with every decision I’ve chosen . The minimum high school G. P. A requirement is 3. 69-4. 29 . SAT scores 1220-1390 and ACT 27-31 composite . I hope to pursue a career in criminal justice, specifically working with children and teenagers. My aunt has worked with children in residential treatment and juvenile justice institutions and I have admired her commitment and passion for her work. I understand that the work can be very demanding and that there may not be many success stories, but I feel that I have the personal characteristics to be successful in the field.

My own family has been very supportive of me and has provided me with opportunities that most children do not have. I am eager to enter a criminal justice academic program and to experience internships and volunteer opportunities in a setting where services are provided to at-risk youth. REFERENCES https://bigfuture. collegeboard. org/sitesearch? q=fiu+requirements&searchType=bf_site&tp=bf http://www. fiu. edu/current-students/index. html http://www. bls. gov/

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