Why I Want to Be a Dentist

My desire to become a dentist started almost a decade ago with a routine visit to the dentist. It was my yearly checkup and after all it turned out to be a root canal treatment. This became the most uncomfortable visit to a dental office I have ever faced. However, this situation was alleviated by the extraordinary help of the dentist who took care of me. His compassion, kindness and patience made a huge impact in my overall well-being at that moment. This experience totally changed my perspective towards dentistry and was my driving force to pursue such as beautiful path. At that specific moment I understood how important the close relationship is that dentist creates with their patients was and consequently discover the combination of meeting and working with new people while helping them in the process of healing

In 2011 I started my life as a dental student in Cuba but I decided to come to America and had to drop dental school, however my desire never went away. I have faced many challenges since I came such as the language and learning the culture of another country. Even when leaving my friends and family behind has been one of the most disturbing experiences I have ever had, I used that as a fuel to pursue my dreams and help others. I have continually demonstrated my fortitude in the environment of the academy field as I have confronted and conquered challenges. At that point, I couldn’t afford to dedicate myself solely to school. I had to work and study and there was not a single semester that I took less than three classes. This proved to me that I can work under pressure and that nothing is impossible in life if you have the determination to help others and play your role in giving back to the community.

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I started my undergraduate studies at Miami Dade College and graduated from there in 2017 with an Associate’s Degree and right after I decided to transfer to Florida International University, where I am currently enrolled. Here I have attended to the events from the Pre-Dental society such as workshops, and community service projects which helped me a wider experience to the field. During my undergraduate studies I reinforced my profound desire for dentistry while I volunteered at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. At the hospital I helped doctors and staff to make children happier by providing them not only with dental services but also with comfort and compassion. So, seeing dentists at the hospital being fervent about their labor it truly compelled me

I had the opportunity to work with a dentist for two years and during this time I was able to reinforce my passion and knowledge while learning about the different procedures, latest technology and billing procedures. As for additional activities, sports events have played a main character in my life. It has assisted my fitness, determinations, eye to hand co-ordination, reactions to different stimuli and overall gave me the aptitude to rise up to challenges. Individual activities have encouraged my individuality, whereas team sports have improved my joint effort and interpersonal abilities. Playing sports also gave me a healthy sense of competition which will help enormously when working in this field.

Being born and raised I Cuba also provided me with a distinctive consciousness of what is like in an undeveloped country. The shortage of medical supplies, medicines and implements to even practice dentistry gave me a sense of the importance of implementing norms and education in order to have a healthy lifestyle despite the fact of where you are or what you have. Since a smile can mean the world to a person, I look forward to effectively and truthfully create smiles that can change lives. My way of giving back to the society is through my profession. . I’ve always alleged that if you are passionate about your occupation, it won’t feel like work at all. It was my driving force. I am avid, animated and interested, and supplied with enough empathy and self-confidence to get into the world of this beautiful career. And having faith in it will allow me to make a thorough influence to my social and educational life as a student of odontology. My motivation and passion for this career will board me into my journey to become not only a doctor but also a better person.

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