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Women Living in a World of Violence and Exploitation

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    Gender inequality is the consideration of human rights of a particular gender more than the has a wide-ranging impact on society (Blau, 2016). With an increase in gender inequality, violence, and exploitation level against women goes higher. Women who experience violence suffer from physical, psychological, sexual, and emotional toll (World Health Organization, 2016). Gender-based violence can occur either in person or in public life. Also, this gender discrimination occurs in families where women are inferior according to their culture. Their spouses rape them, and also, on other occasions, their relatives sexually abuse them (Klett, 2018). In some cultures, women undergo female genital mutilation, and others get married at younger ages. All these violence have a significant effect on women in all areas of life. There are some traditional beliefs that men have a right to control women. This document will discuss different types of violence faced by women and also exploitations they go through.

    Firstly, in a situation where a man tries to control his wife due to cultural beliefs is known as domestic violence (Berns, 2017). Domestic violence occurs in many forms; It can be emotional, physical, financial, or even sexual abuse. Emotional abuse involves putting down an individual, which lowers their self-esteem. Also, some men monitor their wives, depriving them of their right to freedom. With physical abuse, the victim suffers physical injury; through punching, slapping stabbing, and many can be fatal in some cases. Any woman can be affected by this type of violence (Fiebert, 2018). Finally, sexual violence is whereby the man decides when and how to have sexual intercourse. A sexually abused woman cannot express herself to her partner. Women experience being raped and beaten in front of their children.

    Secondly, is the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation (Miller-Perrin & Wurtele, 2017). Poverty has been a significant cause of this type of violence. Women who cannot meet their financial needs become vulnerable to traffickers. Traffickers give fake promises of high paying jobs to poor women and eventually exchange them for prostitution. Prostitution causes physical harm because the victims involved objectified for sexual satisfaction (Sanders, O’Neill & Pitcher, 2017). Also, being in prostitution lowers self-esteem and maybe a cause for depression. Women involved in prostitution are humiliated and exposed to health risks due to rough sex. Since men pay for prostitution services, most of them demand unprotected sex, which exposes the woman to high health risks.

    Thirdly, most women undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) (Abdulcadir et al. 2016). In some places, the primary purpose of FGM is to control women’s sexuality, and also in other cultures is used as a sign of beauty. It involves the cutting of some of the external female genitalia for cultural reasons. FGM is an act of violence against women because it can cause permanent harm to females’ reproductive organs. Some of the tools used in the removal of the genital are shared and leads to the transfer of infections. Other women may over bleed, leading to anemic conditions to the victim. These effects caused by FGM also lead to death if not taken seriously. FGM is a permanent activity and can lead to permanent scars, whether emotionally or psychologically. The flashbacks of the event can cause post-traumatic stress (Lever et al. 2019).

    The fifth form of women violence is early and forced marriages. Some communities believe that girls do not have a right to education and therefore force them to get married at ages less than eighteen years (Efevbera et al. 2017). These forced marriages occur without the full and free consent of one of the victims (Kopelman, 2016). They face a lot of family pressure such that they cannot leave the marriages in any situation. Due to these early marriages, the girls get children at a tender age; the victims are not mature enough, so most of them suffer complications in pregnancy and childbirth; also, they end up leaving school. They are intimidated by their partners and therefore are not able to make their own decisions. The negative impact of child marriage extends to their children and are not able to reach their full social and economic potential.

    In the sixth form of violence against women is girl infanticide. It involves the murder of female is a violation of females’ right to live (Parmigiani & Vom Saal, 2016). It has become a global concern because it leads to a decrease in the female population. Girl infanticide needs urgent attention and action. The different forms of infanticide include but not limited to; smothering, starvation, and poisoning. Their partners brutally abuse women who give birth to girls instead of boys. They are a burden to the community, and that is why most of them kill their girl infants as instructed by their partners. The girl discrimination does not only end in killing of the infant, but also deprivation of adequate nutrition, maternal care, and also healthcare.

    Lastly is sexual harassment; it occurs when a person’s environment is made unfavorable due to unwanted conduct (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine, 2018). Women can be sexually harassed through pornographic pictures and also videos. The victims are seduced and later sexually abused. Men who harass women sexually offer some favors and demand for sex as a way of payback. Most of these events happen abruptly, and the victim has unprotected sex, which creates health and safety hazards. The damage is long term. Young girls who suffer sexual harassment may get unplanned babies with unknown fathers. These memories do not fade away, and the victim may live in fear (Dworkin et al. 2017). Women and girls should be respected and not forced to do anything against their will.

    In conclusion, violence against women should end immediately. Women share the same rights as men, and they also have potential too. Women can be leaders, and they should be allowed to give their opinions when needed. They should not be intimidated or controlled because that will cause low self-esteem. Violence against women has long term effects and affects not only the individuals but the society too. Most of the violence leads to financial loss to the victims, and also health damage. Women are epitomes of life and can cause significant change to the world if treated well.

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