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Woodcut images: an analysis

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In the woodcut image, the German artist characterizes the native peoples in the 1505 woodcut through an emphasis on their native attires, suggesting the idea that these native individuals have a distinct culture of their own, one that is quite apart from other cultures. Further, the artist characterizes the people as busy doing their activities, highlighting the idea that this group of people, from children to adults, has their respective roles in the group.

By mixing familiar with unfamiliar activities, the artist accomplishes the idea that the people depicted in the woodcut share similar activities to the common activities done by men and women from other parts of the world such as caring for children, cooking and other domestic occupation and endeavors.

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Woodcut images: an analysis
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On the other hand, the artist also brings forward the idea that there, too, are other forms of activities that the ordinary man may not have even heard of.

That is, the unfamiliar activities portrayed in the woodcut bring forth the belief that, other than what we may already know, there remains the possibility that there are still other activities that are unfamiliar to everybody else.

In the woodcut image, the depiction of the initial encounter between the Inca and the Spanish suggests the possibility of peace through the established rapport between the two, introducing ideas that are yet unknown engaged through the possibility of communication.

Trade or the barter system makes possible the establishment of mutual benefit at least in terms of commercial relationship. On another note, communication renders both parties capable of sharing ideas and reinforcing and adjusting one’s beliefs with the other. The depiction suggests a different future through the portrayal of the Inca and the Spaniard as individuals who have little or no knowledge at all of the other, thereby suggesting that miscommunication can arise which can lead to misunderstandings and, eventually, conflict.

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