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Exam Questions: Artificial Insemination

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What is artificial insemination?
Artificial insemination is the assisted process of impregnating a woman by other means rather than by natural semination and intercourse. It is used in humans as assisted reproductive technology and in my opinion is ethical because it is promoting life and doesn’t necessarily harm anybody.
I see no wrong in artificial insemination because it is legal as is abortion which is often frowned upon in modern societies by pro-lifers.

Reasons for Sperm Banks

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Exam Questions: Artificial Insemination
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The reasons Sperm Banks exist are:
1) Like myself, I wanted to preserve my Sperm while I was still young and potent.

I do not want to have children at this time.
2) Artificial Insemination – Many couples cannot have children through routine sex, so sperm and eggs are extracted and a baby is made in a Petri dish and inserted into the womb of the mother.
3) Some women, such as Lesbians, never want a man, but still want children.
4) The use of a surrogate mother.

5) To extract or pre-determine a specific sex (male or female).
6) To insure a healthy baby, free of disease, genetic disorders, and STDs.

Reasons for seeking artificial insemination:

1. Infertility – 2. Genetic reasons
3. Couples unable or unwilling to adopt children
4. As a therapeutic intervention for husbands


The major ethical objection to Artificial Insemination is – separates love-making and procreative aspects of human sexual activity.

Ethical Principles Involved in Artificial

1. Natural Law Ethics
2. Principle of Autonomy
3. Principle of Human dignity

Moral Issues:

Church view:
Rejected by the Church (Pius XII)
* violates the non-transferable and inalienable
rights to personalistic procreation;
* against the inseparability and generative
meaning of sexuality.
* does not justify the risk that husband will be
unable to accept the child whom he knows to be
another man’s (unconscious hostility).
* Woman does injustice to.

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