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OJT Experience

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I can’t search for the company but I decided to start my on-the-job training at Library Department in STI College Calamba last November 15, 2012. First of all, I’m very much gratified for the support and understanding of my superiors especially on times when I just committed mistakes. More than any learning though in library area, I learned to be with others, to work with one student assistants because S. A. teaches me to do in library. My training supervisor, Mrs.

Emabel C.

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OJT Experience
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Villa who could write it on the paper so that she shows me about work and something. I learn to accept it and be apologetic for my mistakes. But I tried to learn about something and no action mistake. She has observed my activities and practices every day. I was assigned to the Library Department. I was able to work as well. Next day, shyness and nervousness are always when it’s my first time. For many reason, student do not know me in the Library because of my deafness.

I do not have any actual experience. But student approached me to be understood. I feel happy and comfortable in the Library Department. And even I’m just a trainee. It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable as I worked. I later learned to work with longer patient. Most of the time, students approach me about library cards, borrowing books and the use of PC in the library. I’m very kind to help them every day. They understand me. They wanted to say thanks to me every day.

I communicated with them. I have a fun working with the other student assistants. And myself, I’m willing to work especially in arranging the book shelves, check the number of book, check the library card, check the list of price and keep the money to give it to Mrs. Villa. Until January 24, I finished my 200 hours. I desired to be successful in life. I always trust in God because he follows me everywhere. I’m very thankful to him. I took a rest for a longtime.

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