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Working with and Leading People

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There are many ways in which we can inform and or attract potential candidates. Advertising is the key aspect and the strongest way of doing so. There are a number of ways to advertise for example job centers, local radio, national & local newspaper, television, university careers offices and the internet. It is vital that we put a clear concise, attractive, positive advertisement across to our potential applicants for this Senior Sales Assistant position. In this particular scenario – Craft Masters external recruitment is a must as it is evident internal recruitment was not very successful, which lead to a dismissal and a warning to Mr.

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Working with and Leading People
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John Smith (branch manager). Nowadays the internet is a powerful source for job hunters to find their dream job and also from the recruiters side it’s an easier, cheaper, sufficient way of advertising. Also from the last time they advertised in the local newspaper over 500 people applied which is such a positive outcome, if they were to advertise nationally the outcome would be outstanding.

Other ways that would best suit Craft Masters would be specialized magazines or local radio.

Coming to a conclusion, I feel in my opinion the internet and the local & national newspapers are the two best ways of informing and attracting potential candidates for Craft Masters as it’s evident from the previous time it was a successful outcome from just using the local newspaper, also using the internet is a great way of advertising as we can reach the target market (potential candidate) were looking for and also keep record of how many people actually read the add in which case can be a positive thing because if there is not much response it can go back to the advertising department for them to re-evaluate and rectify the problem.

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