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World Cup Anthem

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World Cup Anthem We have been studying the song ‘Wavin’ flags’ in our English lessons and it is the tune for the South Africa Football World Cup 2010, but while listening to the lyrics I noticed this song could have many meanings other than football. This song could mean representing your country in your talent, fighting in a war or a sporting game.

Examples of phrases used and connections with other meanings are; ‘Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason’, these lyrics could easily be put into a song about escaping, anger or troubles.

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World Cup Anthem
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Another meaning of this song could be going through life as there are many ups and downs as there are in living a life and the growing up stage of life. Some examples are; When I get older I will be stronger’, this expresses how humans get more strong as they grow older, also becoming more mature when growing up into teenage years and adulthood.

Getting older also helps you understand what representing your country at football means and that it is not just about playing football.

The waving of the flag could possibly be a metaphor of either representing your country, a flag meaning freedom and you can wave wherever you like or spirit and confidence that never goes away. The main clues of these are; They’ll call me freedom Just like a Wavin’ flag’.

This poem aims to unite the world together in a healthy way, by playing football, but while listening and reading the lyrics you can see parts that will disagree and try to bring the world into war or fights. It is not the song itself, but as it is trying to describe the world cup, it causes misery and happiness. When a team loses they may become angry and violent to the opposing fans.

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