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World Geography

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World Geography – Unit 2: Human Geography
In this unit, you learned that geography is more than just knowing where places are on a map. Way more! This unit introduced you to the human side of geography.
In this lesson, you’ll read an overview of this unit’s main ideas and concepts. The material in this lesson will help you prepare for the unit test.
* Identify and describe the factors that influence population growth.
* Explain the relationship between population and the environment.

* Compare the world’s economic systems.
* Explain the role culture plays in instances of conflict and cooperation.
* Discuss the role that geography plays in historic events.
* Explain the concept of sustainable development.
Here are some important words that you will find in this lesson. Learning these words and their definitions will help you understand the lesson. Take a few moments to study the vocabulary.
biomass energy | power produced through the decomposition or burning of plants and/or organic waste |
command economic system | a plan in which the government makes all the basic economic decisions |
cultural convergence | the contact and interaction of culture groups |
cultural diffusion | the process whereby one culture adopts traits of another culture |
cultural divergence | a government policy that attempts to restrict the access of its population to outside culture |
cultural mosaic | groups living near each other while maintaining their unique cultures |
diffusion | the movement of a characteristic from one place to another over a period of time |
emigration | leaving one’s homeland to settle in a new place |
ethnic cleansing | policy whereby one group of individuals of common ancestry is removed from an area by another group of individuals of common ancestry, either through death or expulsion |
geothermal energy | power produced from heat inside the earth |

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World Geography
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