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Writing assignment lord of the flies

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Communication in the workplace and how it can be incorporated in groups and teams has been of much interest to me since returning to the corporate world. Having had a leadership role I have always been interested in how to effectively communicate with my team. Therefore for my research paper the communication topic that I have chosen is communication in the workplace. I would like to take it further and research how it could also be of benefit within groups and teams.

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Writing assignment lord of the flies
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The organization that would be looking at would be my place of employment which is San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union. I would be utilizing their philosophy and mission statement that can be located within their website. San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union is known to have state of the art financial convenience, benefits of belonging, and a wide variety of loans. In order to have a successful Credit Union, there must be a strong team running the operations. Communication in the workplace can be defined as “the process of exchanging information, both verbal and non-verbal, within an organization.

An organization may consist of employees from different parts of the society. ” (BOMB International, 2013) I am interested in this topic because have always looked into ways to improve myself. Being in a leadership role and having been led by great individuals, I believe that there is always room for improvement. When a company has effective workplace communication it will ensure that all the organizational objectives are achieved. Therefore since an organization requires good communication, I decided to see how important it is and how it can be used within teams and groups.

Furthermore I will see what can be learn about the organization by applying organizational communications concepts, propose a specific program, and training or course of action that I believe could potentially improve communication in the organization based on my research.

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