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Yamaha Motor India Training Report

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  • Pages 9
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    This is to certify that the project entitled “Any Abnormality in Pretreatment Process(Fuel Tank)” has been carried out by SUMIT GAUR under my guidance in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the case study during summer training. To the best of my knowledge and belief this work has not been submitted elsewhere for any purpose. Mr. HEAD Head & project leader Paint Shop Division) P. K Mr R. Miglani Arora Deptt. (Q. E – ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my gratitude to all the people at INDIA YAMAHA MOTOR PVT. LTD who helped me to gain the valuable knowledge and experience.

    I have no doubt that my choice of training at IYM was right. The exposure and experience gained at IYM has been unique. The Yamaha family teaches strict self discipline and goal oriented approach. I would like to thank my mentor at Yamaha Mr. R.. Miglani, Mr. P. K Arora acquainted with the work ethics of the organization and motivating me at each and every step so that I achieve my goal at Yamaha with perfection. Last but not the least I would like to thank Quality Engineering department for their cooperative behavior.

    PURPOSE OF INTERNSHIP The importance of practical on the job training in the industry for engineering student cannot be over emphasized. Industrial training plays the most important role in an engineering student’s life to make him a successful engineer. It provides the student with an opportunity to gain valuable experience on practical application of their technical knowledge. At SIET College of Engineering, great emphasis is laid on-thejob training an industrial training. This is an integral part of curriculum.

    This six week industrial summer training (15th June to 31st July, 2009), after six semester is in-built in to the B-Tech. program. INTRODUTION Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. Was founded in 1955 with Genichi kawakami as the first president. Today, Yamaha Motor is the world second largest producer of motorcycle . It also produces many other motorized vehicles such as all-terrain vehicle boats snowmobiles, Outboard motors and personal watercraft . Takashi kajikawa is the current president of Yamaha Motor Corporation.

    The corporation has 109 consolidated subsidiaries as on March 31st march, 2008. Yamaha motor corporation stated aim is to bring people to great joy , happiness and to create Kando (touching heart )in their lives As a company that makes the world its field and offer product for the land , the water , the snowfields and the sky , Yamaha motor strives to be a company that “ offer New excitement and a more fulfillment life for people all over the world” and to use its ingenuity and passion to realize people ’dreams and always be the ones they look for “the next Kando”.

    Kando is the Japanese world that captures the intense excitement and deep satisfaction people feel . when they experience truly of exceptional value. Yamaha motor seeks to make Kando a distinctive benefit of everything we do by creating product and services that consistently exceed your expectations. HISTORY OF YIC The history of Yamaha is a history of unending “challenges” YEAR 1955 1959 1960 1963 Mile Stones Yamaha Motor Co. , Ltd. was founded with Genichi Kawakami as the first President Kitagawa Motor Co. , Ltd. joins Yamaha Motor group. Yamaha International Corporation (YIC) founded in U.

    S. First Yamaha outboard motor “P-7” released Nationwide Yamaha Kai (authorized dealership organization) launched Pearl Yamaha founded in India as tie-up with local funding & starts production and sales of mopeds Siam Yamaha Co. , Ltd founded in Thailand First Yamaha FRP fishing boat “3rd Fuji Maru” built First Yamaha multipurpose engine model “MT100” released First Yamaha motorcycle mounting a 4-stroke engine “XS1” released First Yamaha portable generator model “ET1250” released First Yamaha racing kart model “RC100” released First Yamaha golf car model “YG292” released 964 1965 1969 1970 1973 1975 1976 First Yamaha industrial robot model, an “arc welding robot” released First Yamaha marine diesel “MD35” released First Yamaha land car model “G1-AD” released First Yamaha snow-thrower model “YT665” released First Yamaha personal watercraft (PWC) “MJ-500T” released First Yamaha-made surface mounter “21 Series” released First Yamaha gas heat pump (GHP) model “YGC401W” released Yamaha Motor France S. A. (YMF) founded Yamaha Motor de Mexico, S. A. de C. V. (YMMEX) founded Chongqing-Jianshe Yamaha Motorcycle Co. Ltd. (CJYM) founded in China Yamaha Motor Austria GmbH (YMAG) founded Yamaha Motor Hungaria Kft. (YMH) founded Regionally limited release of the electro-hybrid bicycle “PAS” Wheelchair electric power unit “JW-I” released, bringing Yamaha into the health and welfare industry Urban commuter motorcycle “Majesty YP250” released “Environment 2000 Plan” announced Yamaha is first domestic manufacturer to be awarded international ISO9002 certification for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs Y’s Gear Co. Ltd. Founded PT. Yamaha Motor Nuansa Indonesia (YMNI) founded 2010 Environmental Action Plan “Eco Cite YAMAHA” announced Yamaha Motor Asian Center Co. , Ltd. (YMAC) founded in Thailand Yamaha builds temporary pool “Suimu 21” for the main competition pool of the 9th World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka, Japan Limited regional release of the electric commuter motorcycle “Passol” Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore Pte. Ltd. (YDS) founded Yamaha Motor Co. , Ltd. Moscow Representative Office opened in Russia Start of “YAMAHA CCS 21 Campaign” Sales company Yamaha Motor CIS (YMCIS) founded in Russia Life Science Laboratory opened in Fukuroi, Shizuoka,as research center for YMC’s bio-technology business Motorcycle manufacturing factory Yamaha Motor Manufacturing West Java (YMMWJ) founded in Indonesia Compliance Promotion Committee established. 1978 1986 1987 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

    OVERVIEW Founded Capital President Employees (Consolidated) Sales (Consolidated) Sales Profile July 1, 1955 48,302 million yen (as of March 31, 2008) Takashi Kajikawa 46,850 (as of December 31, 2007) Parent: 9,019 (as of December 31, 2007) 1,756,707 million yen (from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007) Parent: 799,209 million yen (from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007) Sales (%) by product category (consolidated) Sales (%) by region (consolidated) Major Products & Services

    Manufacture and sales of motorcycles, scooters, electro-hybrid bicycles, boats, sail boats, Water Vehicles, pools, utility boats, fishing boats, outboard motors, diesel engines, 4-wheel ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, racing karts, golf cars, multi-purpose engines, generators, water pumps, snowmobiles, small-sized snow throwers, automotive engines, intelligent machinery, industrial-use remote control helicopters, electrical power units for wheelchairs, helmets. Headquarters Affiliated Companies Biotechnological production, processing and sales of agricultural and marine products and microorganisms.

    Import and sales of various types of products, 2500 Shingai, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan Consolidated subsidiaries: 112 Non-consolidated subsidiaries: 8 (by the equity method) Affiliates: 27 (by the equity method) Yamaha Motor Co. , Ltd. Yamaha Motor Co. , Ltd. Public Type Public Founded July 1, 1955 Headquarters Revenue Operating income Net income Employees Website Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan 12 billion US$ (2005) 900 million US$ (2007) 550 million US$ (2007) 39,300 (2007) Yamaha Motor Global

    INDIA YAMAHA MOTOR (IYM) Holding the true sprit of commitment to customer satisfaction –India Yamaha motor is enriching lives of people with same ingenuity and enthusiasm as its parent company -Yamaha motor corporation Japan. Having operated in India as technology provider for almost two decade, IYM was incorporated in August 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of YMC, Japan. Since then it is in process of the business and extending the awe and power associated with the legacy of the Yamaha Group.

    Adhering to Yamaha Motor Corporation’s corporate Mission –“Creating Kando-Touching Your Heart” Yamaha motor India is striving to touch every heart across the length and breadth of India. YMI`s Manufacturing facilities comprises of 2 state –of –the art plants at –Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh) , Faridabad (Haryana) currently 10 models roll out at the two plants of Yamaha . The models manufactured and assembled at the Surajpur plant are; 1. Gladiator 2. G5 3. Crux 4. Alba 5. Enticer 6. R-15 The infrastructure at both plants support production of bikes and its parts for domestic as well as oversees market.

    At the core of 5-S and TPM activities that fuel the IYM `s agile manufacturing processes IYM has in house facility for Machining Welding processes as well as Finishing processes of Electroplating and Painting till the assembly line . The stringent quality assurance norms ensure that the bikes meet the reputed International Standards of excellence in every sphere. As an Environmentally sensitive organization IYM has the concept of “Environmentally-Friendly Technology” ingrained in its Corporate Philosophy. The company boasts of effluent Treatment Plant, Rain water Harvesting mechanism, a motivated forestation drive.

    The IYM is ISO14001 certified. All our endeavors give us reason to believe that sustainable development for Yamaha will not remain merely an idea in pipeline. We believe in taking care of not only your motoring needs but also the needs of future generation to come. VISION We will establish YAMAHA as the “exclusive & trusted brand” of customers by “creating Kando” (touching their hearts) – the first time and every time with world class products & services delivered by people having “passion for customers”. MISSION

    Yamaha is committed to: Be the Exclusive & Trusted Brand renowned for marketing and manufacturing of YAMAHA products, focusing on serving our customer where we can build long term relationships by raising their lifestyle through performance excellence, proactive design & innovative technology. Our innovative solutions will always exceed the changing needs of our customers and provide value added vehicles. Build the Winning Team with capabilities for success, thriving in a climate for action and delivering results.

    Our employees are the most valuable assets and we intend to develop them to achieve international level of professionalism with progressive career development. As a good corporate citizen, we will conduct our business ethically and socially in a responsible manner with concerns for the environment. Grow through continuously innovating our business processes for creating value and knowledge across our customers thereby earning the loyalty of our partners & increasing our stakeholder value MANUFACTURING IN YAMAHA IYM’s Manufacturing facilities comprises of 2 state-of-the-art Plants at Faridabad (Haryana) and Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh).

    Currently 10 models roll out of the two Yamaha Plants. The infrastructure at both the plants supports production of motorcycles and it’s parts for the domestic as well as oversees market. At the core are the 5-S and TPM activities that fuel our agile Manufacturing Processes. We have In-house facility for Machining, Welding processes as well as finishing processes of Electroplating and Painting till the assembly line. The stringent Quality Assurance norms ensure that our motorcycles meet the reputed International standards of excellence in every sphere.

    As an Environmentally sensitive organization we have the concept of “Environment-friendly technology” ingrained in our Corporate Philosophy. The Company boasts of effluent Treatment plant, Rain water – Harvesting mechanism, a motivated forestation drive. We believe in taking care of not only Your Motoring Needs but also the needs of Future Generations to come. QUALITY ENGINEERING HEAD OF DEPARTMENT –MR R. MIGLANI The Quality Engineering Department works in very close co-ordination of all other as Quality is at the top priority at Yamaha Motor.

    At each step of production operation quality check is undertaken. If any defect is recorded represented properly with the help of Mean and Range charts and the cause of defect is analyzed in detail. Then the required steps are taken to ensure that the quality problem doesn’t occur. A very important measure of Quality is SPRI (Spare Part Rejection Index). It is the ratio of qualitatively good parts to the total number of produced parts. Quality plans are made and every endeavour aim to only one end: Getting the Quality right the first time. Quality Engineering Parts Exports Assembly

    Machine shop Weld shop Press shop Paint and Electroplating CKD CBU IKD SKD Body Assembly Engine assembly Project:AnyAbnormality in Pretreatment Process Of Fuel Tank I. After phosphate process, water rinse the fuel tanks are passed through the vacuum chamber where water droplets are dried out with the help of dry sprayer. II. Dry Oven(water drying):-In this process fuel tanks are heated so that water can dry out completely from the fuel tanks. III. Cooling Zone:-In this zone, fuel tanks get sufficient time to get cooled down for easy handling of the fuel tanks for further coming processes.

    IV. Masking Zone:-In this zone, drilled parts of the fuel tank are covered by covering material in order to prevent the entry of the paint inside it. If masking is not done then paint will enter inside the hole and it may create problem during assembly process. In this zone, there is a possibility of leakage(alkali sol. in water) in fuel tank. We can remove this leakage by rubbing alcohol on that portion of fuel tank. V. VI. Dusting;- Now dusting is done to remove the dust particle by blowing air on the fuel tanks.

    Electrostatic Spray Painting:- Here required color coating is done on the substrate with the help of electrostatic charge using Electrostatic Disk. VII. VIII. After that, remaining part of the fuel tanks is done manually. . CONCLUSION The period of my training at Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. has been a very positive one. It has given me a very good understanding of the engineering profession which could not have been achieved by theoretical study. The experience at IYM has greatly advanced my understanding of the practical aspects of engineering, both technical and organizational.

    The vital part that the organizational skills of an engineer play in today’s industry is an area that is often missed by some. I too had very little idea as to what an engineer’s job in a high-tech industry entails. But this internship at IYM made me see the maximum range of jobs performed by engineers. It has given me a solid foundation to build my career upon. I am certain that the experience gained through this internship will be helpful to me throughout my professional career and in all my future endeavors.

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