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You must explain if each of the methods kof communication

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You must explain if each of the methods kop communication, in the table below, are electronic or non-electronic methods and stating who the audience would be for each By subprogram Section A- Pl verbal communication Verbal communication is being able to speak to someone using your mouth. This could be on the phone, Keep or normal face-to-face conversations. Written communication Written communication is being able to speak to someone via text message, fax or a social networking Like Twitter and Backbone.

On-screen Communication on-screen based communication Is communication that Is displayed on a screen.

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You must explain if each of the methods kof communication
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Screens cans include TV, computers, monitors, mobile phones, pad and pod screens etc. Multimedia Communication Multimedia communication is information/data that is transferred over the network and is composed in the following types: Text, images, audio, Fax, Memos and Videos. Web-based Communication Web-based communication would be speaking to people via e-mail and using the internet to get certain information about things. For example, certain websites are set up to communicate to people about the world and what is going on e.

G. Dally Mall.

Methods of communication Telephone – This is speaking on the phone to someone. This would be an electronic method, as they use electricity to power the phone. Telephone communication could be for anyone as everyone uses the phone to speak to others faster. Letter – This type of communication would be non-electronic because it is written by hand, however letters could also be typed up on the computer making It an electronic method too. Writing a letter is more likely to be done by people are work, a school for example would write letters to parents as consent forms etc.

Training video – This would be an electronic method as the person Is communicating to the audience on the TV or apt. Train videos would be for people interested in fitness and health. Publicity Material – This is anything used to publicist or raise awareness of the Council’s work, Including but not Limited to posters, DVD’s etc. Would be electronic as It Is shown on the TV, computer, phones and other electronic devices. This could apply to people concerned on what’s going on in their community. E-mail – E-mailing is done on the Internet normally using things like Yahoo or Hotmail, meaning It would be an electronic method of communication.

A lot of people e-mail each other, people in impasses will e-mail each other to set meetings and trade important information. Video conferencing – This would be an electronic method of communicating as electricity is used in order for people to speak to each from other parts of the country/world. His would be mainly used by people in companies who cannot fly to hand on a piece of paper, making it a non-electronic method of communication or it can be typed up on a virtual notepad making it an electronic method of communication too. Advertisements – Advertisements can be both an electronic and non-electronic method of communication.

Some adverts are created on the computer and advertised on the internet, others are advertised on television which also uses electricity, and however some adverts are created manually by one person, making it non-electronic. This would be used a lot by business who need to promote their stuff e’. ‘ McDonald’s and Tests. However some adverts are created manually by one person, making it non-electronic. Internet – The internet contains many ways of being communicated to: Blobs, news websites like the Daily Mail and News. This method of communication would be electric communication.

This would be used by a lot of younger people as the internet it a faster way to get information and speak to people when not using a phone. Face to Face – This is a non-electronic method of communication as people are actually speaking to each face to face without any devices. People everywhere will speak to someone/people face-to-face. Fax – A fax is an exact copy of a document made electronic scanning and transmitted as data. This would be an electronic method of communication. People in the workplace use fax machines as a method of communication as it is easy to send copies of the same comment quicker.

SMS – testing is done over the phone which uses electricity, resulting in SMS as an electronic method of communication. Teenagers tend to text more than anyone, so I think young people would use SMS more. 2. Verbal Written On-screen Multimedia Web-based Telephone Letter Training video Advertisements Email Video Conferencing – Thorpe Park is sponsored by the same company as Alton Towers, LEGENDS and many other theme parks, video conferencing would be the best way for all theme parks to communicate to each other at the same time. Letter –

Thorpe Park would use letters when speaking to people because of how professional it makes the company look. It shows that the people working there are well educated and know how to structure a letter properly. Training Video – As Thorpe Park is a theme park, people are more likely to get injured from all kinds of things. A first aid training video would teach all the employees what they would need to do when attending to an injured customer or co-worker. They could also have a training video showing employees what they would have to do in case of a disaster like a fire or a flood.

Advertisements – Thorpe Park need customers to attend their park in order to make money, this means they are going to have to advertise all the rides and fun get as many customers, resulting in the theme shutting down. Thorpe Park has many ways of advertising: TV adverts, Posters, Flyers, Radio and Social networking sites. Email – Because Thorpe Park is a big company they cannot always call everyone as it is time consuming. To make things easier, emailing the same email to everyone they need to it is a faster way of speaking to more than one person at the same time, without taking up so much time.

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