The Most Critical Talents a Teacher Must Possess

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According to me, a teacher should possess the three crucial qualities of patience, creativity, and adaptability. I have gradually realized the significance of the saying “Patience is a virtue.” It is truly a gift to have the patience necessary for working with a diverse group of children who have different needs and abilities. Frustration is inevitable in any profession, but it is essential for teachers to hide their frustrations in order to maintain every child’s happiness.

Creativity is often associated with artists and musicians due to their innate talent. However, teachers may not possess drawing or singing abilities, but they still possess a creative mind. Their role involves teaching a curriculum filled with various skills and concepts for students to master by the end of the year. Consequently, educators have the responsibility to engage students in exciting and enjoyable learning experiences that foster their imagination. In the classroom, adaptability becomes crucial for teachers, as it enables them to easily adjust to different conditions. If a lesson is ineffective and students are struggling to understand the emphasized skill, teachers must adapt their approach to ensure better comprehension. As a first year teacher, I believe I possess all three of these crucial talents.

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B.) In my limited experiences as a first-year teacher and student teacher, I have always considered incorporating technology as a learning tool. My strategy is to utilize technology through learning centers, which will play a significant role in my classroom. One of these centers will feature a computer station where students can engage with age-appropriate programs. These programs will specifically target important aspects of education such as mathematics and reading. Some examples of programs I have already introduced include Reader Rabbits Kindergarten, Dr. Seuss Kindergarten, and Math Circus.

A listening center enhances the reading experience for children by bringing the stories to life. During my kindergarten practicum, I included a listening area that featured a listening post with headphones, a tape recorder, and occasionally a compact disc player. The area also had tapes and actual storybooks for the students to listen to. As an extra touch, I provided blank tapes for the students to record their own stories, which were always related to the weekly theme. Digital cameras have various applications in the classroom for both teachers and students. I have utilized this device to write newsletters, create student portfolios, and document class field trips. Additionally, my fifth-grade students utilized digital cameras to produce class books and projects. In kindergarten, the children used the pictures for attendance records, journal work, and class book creation.

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