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As more and more concerns are interested in the thought of ethical investings ; pulling them towards the thought of halal funding and Islamic banking ; Z B Solutions Ltd will be available at manus to supply relevant solutions to the smaller concerns that are non actively targeted for these halal solutions. The purpose of the concern is to give little concerns the pick of finance solutions and supply these solutions at an economical rate so as to advance the importance and value that fundss have within a concern.

Z B Solutions Ltd is ideally located in Manchester which is the entrepreneurial hub of the North. This means that the concern can aim the bulk of SME concerns located in the locality. Director, MR MUHAMMAD ZIA ASHRAF BUTT aims to enroll professionals that will understand what means most to concerns locally in order to supply a service that is more than merely a occupation. The Company will orient its services to the demands of its clients and supply a personal service.

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Z B SOLUTIONS LTD will concentrate on supplying accurate fiscal information, advancing invention, cut downing concern hazards, heightening transparence and identifying concern chances. The Company will draw a bead on to sate its clients with its cognition and expertness. The Director purposes to make close, long-run, reciprocally good relationships with his clients.

The Business

Z B SOLUTIONS LTD was incorporated on the 19Thursdayof June 2014 and has been set up as a company limited in its portions, to supply fiscal hazard analysis services to concerns in the vicinity. It is presently based at 13 HANNAH STREET, MANCHESTER, M12 5SN and another more suited location will be considered in the close hereafter so as to suit other employees.

MR MUHAMMAD ZIA ASHRAF BUTT owns all the 100 portions of the Company at the present clip. He founded the concern after accomplishing the grade of Maestro of Humanistic disciplines with Merit, in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management, from the University of Gloucestershire, and deriving experience of working with other concerns. He has high outlooks of the Company and expects to present quality services to its clients.

Z B SOLUTIONS LTD presently employs merely its manager, but aims to hold acquired a lower limit of 5 other employees by 3rd twelvemonth operations. The concern besides presently enjoys a start-up capital of ?50,000 that has been made available by Mr. Butt.


Our Aims are:

  • To supply a specializer service for concern that want to carry on their fundss harmonizing to their faith.
  • To make an advanced, friendly and determined working environment for employees.
  • To construct a solid client base through honest selling and good reappraisals.
  • To bring forth gross per in line with rising prices.
  • To spread out and alter our services based on industry tendencies and client demands.
  • To supply employment chances within the local community.


At Z B SOLUTIONS LTD, we view to transcend our customers’ outlooks. Our consultancy will raise our customers’ advanced thoughts and will assist them stand as improved business communities. The program is to develop a sustainable fiscal direction companythat generates valuefor our customers.We want to duplicate our client base every twelvemonth until twelvemonth 3 at least. Z B SOLUTIONS LTD will offer comprehensive fiscal planning services to our clients, and we aim to use more educated and certified staff, to be able to widen the scope of services we provide.


The mission of Z B SOLUTIONS LTD is ;

  • To hold a scope of advisers with expertness in each concern country.
  • To get down supplying our services in the local country and expand to other countries after deriving a name and experience.
  • To construct a trade name name for our company, advancing our ‘honesty and excellence’
  • To go on to research into concern tendencies and remain up to day of the month with technological and statute law alterations.

Keies to Success

  • The Keys to the Success of Z B SOLUTIONS LTD prevarication in the followers:
  • Keeping client satisfaction.
  • Bing accurate and honest.
  • Supplying online services for clients.
  • Developing concern visibleness via different selling methods.
  • Concentrating on Quality of Service before Quantity.


Z B SOLUTIONS LTD values its:

  • Accountability
  • Professional Service
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Respect


At Z B SOLUTIONS LTD, we want to turn and be successful. To make this, we have set ourselves some little ends. These are ;

  • To ab initio outsource administrative, and other work for which we do non hold staff. ( This will assist us maintain costs down, while we do non necessitate the services of full clip staff )
  • To supply employment chances in the local country. This will guarantee that we have the necessary expertness and resources to efficaciously supply a wider scope of professional services.
  • To alter our selling run with clip and demand.


Z B SOLUTIONS LTD will supply the undermentioned services:

  • Analysis and rating of the customers’ current concern operations and demands.
  • Analyzing any jobs, associating to direction of fundss, within the client concern alongside the client.
  • Recommending solutions to better pull off the organization’s fundss with an purpose to increase productiveness.
  • Producing a study for direction, to demo recommendations, their costs and benefits.
  • Helping the execution of solutions and recommendations that have been agreed upon.
  • Interceding with other fiscal service suppliers in order to guarantee smooth completion of undertaking and seamless manus off.
  • Halal / Islamic Management and Financial Advice will be provided to those concerns wishing to follow the guidelines of the Islamic Shariah.

The Company aims to increase its service proviso to include other fiscal services so as to supply a more complete service to its clients and increase its competitory border. This will be achieved through the enlisting of other skilled professionals.

Selling Scheme

Our mark market will be immature and experient SME concerns in Lancashire

Z B SOLUTIONS LTD will market our services by:

  • Ad on The Yellow Pages, 192.com, Scoot.com and other such classified web sites.
  • Listing our concern with all local concern directories and associations
  • Developing a booklet to be distributed to local concerns, cardinal concern leaders, at workshops, seminars and to possible clients.
  • Becoming an active member of concern and consulting associations.
  • Networking with the local concern community.
  • Using personal societal circle to assist ‘spread the word’ . And,
  • Developing a web site foregrounding cardinal services and degree of expertness.

Pricing Scheme

Z B SOLUTIONS LTD will follow a acute pricing scheme ab initio so as to pull clients and to get the better of the barrier that might be faced due to being a new concern.

Competitive Edge

Although the recent fiscal crisis caused a batch of big confer withing houses to downsize and many other concerns to close down, the UK is now retrieving from this crisis and a batch of new concerns have appeared which is doing an addition in competition and ensuing in the addition to the menace posed to the concern. In order to derive a good market portion, Z B SOLUTIONS LTD will non merely give its clients an adept service, tailored to their demands ; but will besides pull clients through a acute pricing scheme and an advanced niche attack to fundss tailored to those who wish to pull off their corporate fundss in conformity with their spiritual statute law.

Market Research

Since Z B SOLUTIONS LTD specializes in the proviso of services associating to Islamic Finance otherwise known as Sharia Compliant Finance ( SCF ) , the manager has researched the Islamic Finance sector, its history and future projection below.

The Origins of Islamic Finance

The thought of Islamic Finance foremost saw its beginnings developed between the 8th century and the 12th century. It picked up the signifier of modern funding in the 1950s and 60’s, when the topic of involvement free banking was researched by writers such as Muhammad Uzair in 1955, Nejatullah Siddiqi in 1960’s and Baqir Al-Sadr in the 70’s.

In 1963, Ahmad Elnagger undertook a pioneering attempt to put up sharia compliant banking in a little town known as Mit Ghamr in Egypt, and this attempt was closed down by the authorities in 1968. Although this attempt was shut down, it had given birth to a new manner of thought and nine other Bankss had set up with the same thought in the state. The 1973 oil crisis and the ‘October War’ assisted the development of this sector which led to the set-up of the Islamic Development Bank in 1975. This was set up to supply support to undertakings within member states.

The Dubai Islamic Bank in 1975 was the first bank to go a modern commercial bank, although it offered really basic merchandises that were extremely influenced by conventional fiscal merchandises. In 1995, there were about 33 such Bankss worldwide that were authorities tally, 40 Islamic private Bankss and 71 Islamic investing companies. 2008 saw the growing of the Islamic Banking system at a rate of 1pproximately 15 % per annum, and harmonizing to the Global Islamic Financial Review, over the last 30 old ages, the Sharia-compliant finance sector has grown to $ 1.6trillion in assets. This banking sector has now be-come hard to disregard even by the Non-Muslims with over 300 establishments in over 51 states across the Earth. Harmonizing to Ernst & A ; Young, the 20 taking Muslim Bankss in the universe have been turning at an amazing rate of about 16 % per annum in the last 3 old ages. This has attracted the attending of Muslim and non–Muslim investors worldwide.

Islamic Finance Today

Harmonizing to ‘The Economist’ , today an estimated 822 billion US dollars’ worth of Shari-ah compliant assets are managed worldwide and this banking sector is progressively pulling Muslims and non-Muslims likewise. As an illustration, Muslims make up a 5 % of the UK population, yet the UK has more Sharia-compliant Bankss than any other Western state. This is because the societal and political positions in the UK and the West are going progressively pro-Islamic Banking. Muslims may be interested in the thought of Islamic Banking and Finance so that they can be more compliant with their spiritual patterns.

However, non-Muslims have shown a great involvement in Islamic Banking, non merely because it has an facet of social-responsibility which entreaties to clients much in the same manner as a green merchandises would appeal to an environmentally witting client, but because the industry has grown quickly and has the possible to tap into immense, antecedently untapped, investor financess from Malaysia and the Gulf every bit good as Africa.

Recently, at the 2013 World Islamic Economist Forum, David Cameron disclosed that he would wish “London to stand alongside Dubai and Kuala Lampur, as one of the great capitals of Islamic finance anyplace in the world” . This shows a promise for Islamic Banking related concern to gain and win within the industry if the company is managed good.

The Future of Islamic Finance

As two of the largest Muslim finance markets ; the states of the Gulf and Malaysia, recover, a turning investor market is being realized with adequate investing capital to do a immense difference. This will intend a farther growing in the Islamic Banking and Finance market which will be rapidly capitalized on by Z B SOLUTIONS LTD.


From the research above, it is apparent that Z B SOLUTIONS LTD has a nice program for concern, in a turning sector that has farther possible. Z B SOLUTIONS LTD besides has a good scheme to be able to tackle this potency and utilize it to turn the concern for the fiscal improvement of its proprietors, and employees every bit good as the improvement of the economic system and vicinity.

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