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Іntolerance And The Police

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    We’re all human and we bleed the same blood. So why do policemen keep treating black people bad? White policemen are killing and harming innocent black people and they have no consequences to their actions. Policemen say they seen or thought the victim had a gun and was going to use it on them. Many of us believe that policemen kills us and lie about it because they know they’re going to get away with it. It’s unfair to the family of those that were murder by white cops all because they brought the victim was pulling a weapon. I think policemen should have a limit to their job because half of us are unarmed. Black people are tired of seeing each other die by white policemen, and their killing innocent people & need better consequences their action.

    There are so many unarmed black people that was killed by white policemen all over the world. For example, on April 4th 2015, in North Charleston, a man named Walter Scott was killed by a white officer named Michael Slager. Walter was unarmed and was shot in the back 5 times. A broken tail initiated the encounter in which Slager wrestled Scott to the ground after an initial attempt to flee. Slager placed his taser next to him and tried to say he thought he was trying to get it. There’s a lot of proof around the world, on the internet, and on the news about how white policemen kills unarmed black men.

    Most of us are tired of hearing or seeing our people get murdered or beat up and thrown in jail for no actual reason. We get killed because policemen amuse the victim has a weapon. Policemen pulls a black man over because of suspension. We don’t have the freedom to walk on the streets without a policemen pulling a black person over because they suspect we’re up to something wrong. Most of the black people they killed, had beautiful and bright futures. White policemen kills innocent black people for their amusions.

    They’re killing innocent people and has no consequences towards what they did. When a policeman kills an innocent black man and has no consequence, it traeger other policemen to kill an innocent man and amuse the victim was pulling a gun or something. Policemen that kills innocent black men needs better consequences the just getting fired. The policeman could get more years than just 1 year or 5 mouths. Innocent black people could get killed anyday by a white policeman and the the victim’s family has to go through a lot of pain while the white is living his best life.

    To conclude, at the end of the day policemen needs to learn when to actual use a gun and not just because they thought they saw a weapon. There’s more than 1000 examples people could look up about white policemen killing black innocent people. Often times the victim is unarmed and doing nothing wrong. No one wants to see are hear about a young black man that was minding his business, murdered by a white policeman. White policemen needs to suffer greater consequences of their actions. As humans we all need to learn how to love each other and treat each other the same.

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