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After watching the reality show 30 Days Immigration, I think it is a good show because it addresses the social issue of immigration at the right time. The man who lived with the immigrant family surprised me because he acted differently from the beginning to the end of the video. He initially did not want illegal immigrants to enter the United States and believed they should not stay in America, but after seeing the poor living conditions in their home country and the daughter’s acceptance into a California university, he realized that education was the key to changing their lives. This experience was life-changing for him, and he realized that his thoughts on rejecting immigrants were incorrect. This show helps people understand the struggles that lower-class people face and promotes empathy towards them.

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I would describe the 30 Days Immigration reality show as a good one because it effectively tackles the social issue of immigration. The man who lived with the immigrants pleasantly surprised me as he underwent a significant transformation throughout the video, both in his attitude and emotions. I distinctly remember him stating his opposition to allowing illegal immigrants into the United States and asserting that they should not stay in America as it is not their rightful place.

While visiting their hometown, the man was dismayed by the deplorable living conditions. The absence of roofs and limited access to clean water were prevalent. Nonetheless, a ray of hope emerged when their daughter received acceptance into a California university. Both the man and his daughter experienced immense joy due to this opportunity. Contemplating their circumstances, the man acknowledged that illegal immigrants face significant challenges in America; however, education provides them with a chance to improve their lives and break free from poverty.

Usually, people have a tendency to judge individuals in lower social positions because they lack understanding and empathy. However, upon watching the video, the main character experienced deep sadness when leaving the family and showed sympathy for all its members. This encounter made him realize that his viewpoint on rejecting immigrants was flawed, turning it into an unforgettable and transformative moment in his life.

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