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The Other Side of Immigration

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Anyone who is wondering what is the reason behind why so many Mexicans cross the border illegally into the United States should watch this documentary by Roy Germano called, “The Other Side of Immigration. ” This film addresses the root cause on why this mass migration is taking place and how current policies are affecting the Mexican economy. Although the policies that were passed were to benefit the nations involved, Mexico was shown to have experienced more negative effects in this documentary.

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The Other Side of Immigration
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Using this film as a basis, this essay will discuss the implications for both Mexico and the United States after implementation of such a policy. Moreover, the points made in this film are also considered whereby in the development and adoption of future policies are taken into account and whether United States should execute such plans. Although it cannot be said that the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement had an overall negative impact for Mexico, this documentary paid more attention to rural regions of Mexico where infrastructures were less developed.

Therefore, these regions benefited least from NAFTA as they were heavily dependent upon agriculture farming. Free trade had brought these rural farmers to its knees since cheaper good were being imported from the United States. This crippled the local farmers as it was no longer productive to plant crops and at the same time compete with cheaper imported goods. This forced them to look for jobs and support their living elsewhere. In addition to this, the corruption within the Mexican government worsened the problem whereby subsidies were given to favored individuals.

Hence only a select few benefited from these government programs and the majority of local Mexican farmers saw no good in staying in a place where there was so little an opportunity. It was in their best interest to migrate elsewhere. So where would these workers turn to other than one of the most developed nation in the world that is right across the border. Lack of opportunity in Mexico and the corruption within the Mexican government was the main underlying reason behind why so many people decided to migrate to United States.

So what are some of the implication for the Unites States? Obviously, Unites States would experience a huge influx of immigrants both legal and illegal entering the country. Being a developing nation, the number of uneducated and illiterate people would amount to a significant proportion of total population. Obtaining a working visa for these individuals would be out of the question, therefore they would have to resort to crossing the border illegally to support their family.

This led to the creation of the border fence where a mile of it would cost four million dollars. In addition to this, the Mexicans reportedly send back home three billion dollars annually. It could be said that most of the infrastructures including schools, public buildings and road that Mexico currently possess are built from money earned in the United States. This may stimulate the Mexican economy which is good for them but an adverse effect it places on United States is that it generates greater momentum for more Mexicans to cross the border.

As more individuals immigrate, their movement would have to be more extensively monitored which adds to the expense of United States spending taxpayer’s money to prevent undocumented workers from entering the country. The solution implied by this documentary is simple yet very complex. It asks the question: Why spend precious taxpayer’s money in building such an obsolete structure as a fence that costs so much? Why not invest in Mexico? A fence would only serve as a hurdle that the Mexicans have to overcome and it is by no means a permanent solution.

If on the other hand, the problem is addressed at the source, illegal immigration could be stopped for good. Investing in Mexico would be the key to this problem of mass migration as it would create job opportunities which would give them a reason to stay. However, this might be easier said than done. Mexico could be seen as a country that has enormous potential for development. They have yet to explore for natural resources geologically but the possibility of Mexico possessing a great deal of it is considerably high.

There is also an increase and rapid growing population of industrious and intelligent people. Factors such as this are more than enough to attract potential investors but one thing that is of hindrance is the value of the peso. Due to the fact the every so often the peso is devalued, it does not incline individuals to invest in Mexico (Ross, 67). To reiterate, it is a good idea to channel the money going into building fences to investing in Mexico which would in turn create opportunities and ultimately prevent illegal immigrants coming into the country.

But once again, this is not a simple matter whereby all that one has to think about is build a factory. The investor must consider the benefits it will reap and if the investment would be profitable. The devaluation of the peso is a major hindrance for future investors. But as far as the adoption and development of future policy is concerned, it would be best to just stick with the current plan of just preventing immigrants from entering the United States. This might be a short term solution to a growing problem but it is the only solution for now and Unites States is left with no choice.

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