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7.02 spanish 1 writing assignment

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In this essay, I will demonstrate what factors we should take into inconsideration and I would use my case to illustrate the decision. First of all, we have to identify our interests and abilities. In year one, students can study on different fundamental courses from different department. So that students can be acquainted with the nature of different department. Also, student can search the department website for more information about program structure. When I was year 1, I was interested in most of the courses, economics, marketing and quantitative methods, but except management.

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7.02 spanish 1 writing assignment
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Since do not like o memorize a lot of theories and models hardly, I would never choose management. I love the subject that is not learnt by cramming but by understanding. If you are understand, you can find your own way to study. Also, you will enjoy the classes, readings and homework. Furthermore, you will find that the subject is easy because you love it and willing to spend time on revision.

Otherwise, facing an indifferent subject for 3 years is a tragedy and you will feel painful to study it. Second, we should think of our career goals and job prospects.

Employers usually prefer job seekers with related major. So that they have basic ideas and can easily catch up on company’s work. Students can search graduate employment survey on corresponding department website. It discovers the fresh graduates’ employment result. So that students can take this as reference for selecting the major. Before getting in the university, I did not have any plan of my future job. Although I love some of the courses and I have talents on it, I realize the industry related to that subject is too small.

For example, economics, the ours is about how demand and supply of an industry or business affected by environment. The study is very interesting to me; however, the job prospect is not brilliant in Hong Kong. Base on the graduate employment survey from this department, some graduates can be employed by government to be public official luckily but others are not in economic related jobs. Therefore, I will not choose economic to be my major. Third, there are also some indirect factors that influence our decision.

Peer pressure, when discussing what major should be chose with friends, they will tell oh how good are their choices. They may say “Why don’t select the same major with me and take the same courses together? ” By this peer pressure, you may struggle in whether change your choice or not. Besides, parents’ expectation may also be considered. To some traditional parents, they may worry the job security in the future. To me, my parents do not care about what I want to study as long as I can handle it. Moreover, if parents support your decision, you may easy to determine the major.

Personally, I would choose management science to be my major since I am interested in application of mathematics. Management science actually is a subject that combining management and science, which means using data and mathematics to support the management team and make a smarter decision. Also, it can be greatly applied into quality and productivity management. Therefore, the job prospect is not a problem. To conclude, before selecting major, you should recognize your interest and ability. You can talk with parents and friends to gain the support from them but do not blindly follow them.

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